Men’s Fashion Flash: Lil Wayne’s Miami Heat Game KISS Fitted and OFWGKTA Earl Hoodie

Lil Wayne is definitely unafraid of risk-taking in the fashion department. He was seen at a Miami Heat game rocking a $34.99 KISS Fitted and a $75 OFWGKTA Earl Hoodie with giraffe print shorts and high-top sneakers:

His fitted is the definition of rock and roll, paying homage to the legendary rock band KISS.

His hoodie is from OFWGKTA, known to the world for short as Odd Future. It features the face of member Earl Sweatshirt, drawn by Tyler the Creator.

Between Weezy, Drake and Kanye, these men sure do love animal prints! I have only one word for this ensemble: cray. Though individually, I think the pieces could make for cool looks.

Get an almost identical hat at and his hoodie at

What do you think of his look? I wonder if his forthcoming clothing line will have a similar aesthetic…

Spied @ Necole Bitchie

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