Men’s Fashion Flash : Kanye West’s Rosewood Movement

Upscale Hype has the scoop on Kanye West’s newest sartorial venture, the Rosewood Movement:

With the tag, “Rosewood movement, suits all day,” it seems Kanye is showing deference to the town of Rosewood, a once bustling black city in Florida whose inhabitants were murdered and whose stores were burned down by a white mob upset that one of their young ladies was allegedly raped by a black man. One of the survivors of Rosewood recalled in this article, “A big blaze, just burning down, burning up the whole thing, just burning up my grandma’s house, churches and everything. They burned up everything we had, all our clothes and everything. Yeah, they burned it up.” In the 1990’s, filmmaker John Singleton made a movie about the incident called, “Rosewood.” The State legislature ultimately awarded the victims’ families $2.1 million.

Kanye’s new predilection for suits perhaps is a nod to the black business owners of the day. I can dig it.

What do you think?

Photo Credit: William Yan & Upscale Hype


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