Men’s Fashion Flash: 2 Chainz’s Mansion Night Club Givenchy LA House Print T-Shirt

Ok, from now on, when we see a rapper, let’s just assume they’re wearing Givenchy!
Jihan’s boo 2 Chainz was spied partying it up at Mansion in Atlanta in an embellished snapback, large gold chain, fingerless leather gloves, and a $475 LA House Print Tee by the brand:

The shirt has a house print, sign language, and star decorations:

It should look familiar: Gilbert Arenas wore the same shirt for Chris Paul’s GQ Cover Celebration.

Though we can’t see either of their footwear to determine who wore it better, at a glance, I’d say Mr. 2 has this one in the bag.
If you like the tee as much as these two, get it below:

Images: Prince Williams/


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