Matthew Williamson for H&M: New York

It’s Adri, and I’m finally back from the Matthew Williamson Mayhem at H&M this morning!


Maybe it was M. Williamson’s proppah Britishness or the fact that the quality of this capsule collection went over and above H&M’s last one, but this time around the atmosphere was *tons* more convivial and fun. Also, I went in with a plan: I was getting a blue blazer and studded belt even if it meant abandoning all dignity and running in “Supermarket Sweep”-style to grab the wares.


I made it to the 51st and 5th flagship store at 8 a.m. thinking I’d at least be in the middle of the pack (for Comme Des Garcons, the crowd was already leaking towards Sixth Avenue by that time) but, surprisingly, the line was barely 15 deep when I walked up.

I spent the hour chitchatting with fellow fashion die-hards and even got interviewed on-camera by! Then, the doors opened and we all rushed forward to do our part for the economy.


Thankfully, no one bum-rushed the mannequins this time but everything did go quickly. The items that disappeared right away were the blazer and belt, along with this gorgeous beaded mini-dress, which lasted maybe a good 30 seconds on the racks.


These were by far the three best items of the collection. And…I got the two of them that I wanted!


Euphoric, weary, and looking just a little worse for the wear, I called it a morning and went home to think about how soon I could wear my loot without looking too thirsty.


Let us know if you made it to your local H&M!
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