When you talk fashion, it’s not often than an NBA sports player comes to mind. But Dwyane Wade is marching to his own beat, as his swagged-out looks are just as awesome as his talent on the basketball court. In addition to his wardrobe touch, his soulmate Gabrielle Union is nearly always by his side taking couple’s fashion by storm! This ultimately makes Mr. Wade our Man Crush for the day.



35-year-old Wade is from the Southside of Chicago, Illinois. His first draft was with the Miami Heat from 2003-2016, where he broke stomping grounds with the team by becoming MVP in 2006. Since then, he’s been with his hometown of the Chicago Bulls, but after one year with the team, he is now considered a free agent.

He may be a free agent, but that doesn’t stop him from being one of the trendiest NBA players in the league. He must remain loyal to his fashion-forward fans on and off the court!

Wade is easy to spot on the streets because he typically enjoys adding a pop of color or prints to his look for the day.

Wade takes risks, which is one way to kill it in the fashion world. These denim overalls that were worn partially slouched proves that he enjoys experimenting with trends.

Wade’s fresh and edgy style has landed him in the spotlight of fashion week. He was the highlight of Men’s fashion week in Paris and New York ’17, and while locking arms with his wife Gabrielle, they both remain unstoppable.

Both styles never clash, yet compliment each other’s own signature appeal. Sometimes they are spotted twinning it up, but Wade always stays true to his unique sartorial tastes.

Check out more looks from Dwyane Wade in the photo gallery.


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