Makeover Results: The Winner of a New Hairstyle Courtesy of Noël New York!

Contest  -Makeover Results- The Winner of a New Hairstyle Courtesy of Noël New York

So you may remember a few weeks ago, when Fashion Bomb reader Sheena won a new hairstyle courtesy of Noël New York, my go to hair salon.
The naturalista since 2009 was in need of a hair revive, and wrote in saying, ” I have constant issues with styling, moisture, and maintaining the health of my hair. Please help!”

She entered into the skilled hands of Sammy Lacombe (who styles my hair)…
And take a look at the final results:

About her experience, Sheena wrote, “I just wanted to tell you what an amazing time I had at the makeover & shoot. First of all, Noel, Deb, Sammy and the rest of the staff at Noel NY are the ultimate professionals! They were so gracious, compassionate, and made me feel on top of this world.”
” I felt like I was in a dream, honestly. Not only are they super talented, but they are humble women & men with great spirits and I felt welcome, like I was a member of their family instead of someone they had never met before. I can totally see why you are a customer there and I am so very grateful to you and your staff for choosing me for this makeover. It has given me such a new lease on my life and helped me to really believe in myself. I was inspired by the gathering of such consummate professionals who are living their dreams. I am forever grateful for this opportunity.”

It truly warms my heart to hear your words and see the fantastic results. You look like a new woman. Fabulous!
I’ve been going to Noel New York since they first did my hair for an Essence shoot. They are the bomb, which is why I wanted one of you to experience their services. They transform me every time I go;)
At any rate, enjoy your look, Sheena!
And if you’re in New York and want to treat yourself to a luxurious yet affordable salon service, hit up Noel New York. They’re located at 313 Hancock Street in Brooklyn. See more at
What do you think of Sheena’s new ‘do?


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