Mail Bombs: Tamar Braxton’s Reunion Show Poparazzi Earrings, Jennifer Hudson’s Michael Kors Dress, and What to Wear with Jessica Simpson Bendie Sandals!

Happy Friday Bombshells!
It’s been quite a week. With all my style snapping and event attending, I must say I’m pretty pooped! I’m gonna relax with friends this weekend, but first: Mail Bombs!
Tamara says, “I have to have the earrings Tamar Braxton wore to the Braxton Family Values Reunion Show!”

“… Please tell me where I find them (or something similar for a reasonable price).”
Tamar knows and wore a cute pair of $65 XOXO earrings by Fashion Bomb favorite Poparazzi earrings:

The 2 inch hoop earrings feature an alternating array of Swarovski crystals. Get them at

Stephanie says, “I fell in love with the white dress JHud wore at the amfAR Inspiration Gala.”

“Spill the beans. Cost? Where can I find it or something similar?”
As we mentioned in This Week in Chic, Jennifer Hudson rocked with a $1400 dress by Michael Kors for the annual event. The dress isn’t available online (yet), but you can get a similar look with these:

Tiffani says, “I see you just recently did a nice feature about men’s shorts! And while I totally agree with all your points I’m having the worst time trying to find some that actually will fit my husband (have a decent length) and a lil style.”

” I’m not a cheap girl but there has to be some other options besides Barney’s.”
Yep! Get your husband suited and booted in these affordable below-the-knee options:

Melody says, “I was wondering where I could find this cute laid back maxi dress Jordin is wearing.”

“Thanks! :)”
No problem! Not sure of the exact designer of Jordin’s dress, but you can get a similar look with any of these:

Lastly, in a wardrobe query, Fran from Kansas says, “I was wondering if you could give me some style tips. I recently bought Jessica Simpson’s Bendie platform in purple.”

“..It is such a beautiful shoe but I am not sure what to wear with it. I want to wear a cocktail dress but I can’t decide on what color. I thought black would be good, but then again it is too easy of a pick… I thought maybe a purple or pink, but didn’t want to look too matchy matchy, I thought about a multicolored dress but I think it would make me look “all over the place”! LOL, I am really needing your advice on this one. Thanks in advance!”
Take a style note from Bombshell Ashlee from Baltimore and wear them with a solid color that picks up on one color found in the shoe.

If you’re afraid of looking too matchy matchy, why not opt for a chic dress in neutral white or gray? They both go well with pink, yellow, and blue, and will set the perfect backdrop for your hot shoe. Pop on a bold colored purse to tie it all together:

If you want to go for a more casual vibe, a simple white shirt and jeans should do the trick.
That does it!
I’m off to pick the winner of our $500 gift card giveaway.
Hmm, I wonder who it will be…


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