Mail Bombs: Solange’s Rwanda Opening Ceremony x Chloe Sevigny High Waisted Shorts, Lala Anthony’s Latina Magazine Nanette Lepore Rebel Shorts, and Chris Brown’s “D” Diamond Supply Co Tank

Happy Friday folks!
I decided to take a few more days in Paris to soak in the sights and do a bit of vintage shopping.
Before I hit the streets, I made a little bit of time for Mail Bombs. #Leggo


Ok, ok!! Solange posed in Rwanda in a pair of Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony shorts from their Spring 2011 collection. We weren’t able to find a picture of the shorts, but if you look closely, you can see that the shorts have the same print as a Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony cardigan Solange wore in April 2011:

All that to say that Solange’s exact shorts are currently unavailable, though you can get a similar look with these high waisted pieces:

Wanda says, “ I fell in love with the skirt Lala’s wearing on the cover of Latina Magazine.”

“I live in sunny Florida and we start wearing pastel colors as early as March …I would love to find out more about her skirt and if I can get it for less.”
Apparently Lala was styled in a pair of $228 Rebel shorts by Nanette Lepore, shown below in tangerine:

Need the look for less? These options have a similar essence:

If the above alternatives won’t do, contact the team at Nanette Lepore here to check on the status of Lala’s exact look.
Joann writes, “Where can I find pants like the ones Marlo wore at her birthday?”

“…She’s really tall like me and they are long and cute!! Please help.”
Everybody knows Marlo only rocks with the best! According to, the socialite slipped on a pair of Oscar de la Renta pants for her chic soirée. I couldn’t find the look online, but you can of course get a black sequined pant for around $200. Try these on for size:

Dana says, “I was wondering if you could find the designer of that gorgeous orange pantsuit Estelle wore on the Rip the Runway red carpet, or where I could find a cheaper version.”

” I would love to wear that to work!”
Not sure where Estelle got her pieces, but you can put a similar look together with these:

Andre says, “I’ve been trying to find this tank top everywhere.”

“…He has a shirt with the same logo. It’s hot…can u help me?
Yep! The D on Chris’s tank stands for Diamond Supply Company (the same brand that made Jay-Z’s Clippers vs. Nets game hat). Chris posed in a now sold out Un-Polo Tank in heather gray:

Though the tank is unavailable on the Diamond Supply site, you can get it on Ebay! Buy it now for $75 here.

Ashley writes, “Could you help me find the jacket that Tabatha was wearing while in Vegas 2 weeks ago or something similar?”

Get a similar hi-lo tailored look with this $158 Alita Tailcoat from All Saints:

If worn open, you can achieve a similar effect. Get the tailcoat here.

Now for some unsolved Mail Bombs!
Amanda says, “I saw these pictures of Cassie with a bomb jacket on Twitter…”

“.. I think it’s adidas, but do you know where I can purchase it? Thanks!!!!”
Hey, my guess would be Adidas, too, though it doesn’t seem as if Cassie’s jacket is an ‘official’ release. Therefore, I’m not sure where you can buy, but hopefully someone out there in cyberspace does.


Hey! Not sure. Leave a comment if you are.
Rell writes, “I was wondering if you knew where I could purchase the shirt that Fabulous has on in the picture attached?”

Dunno! If you do, let me know.
Lastly, Trisha says, “I would like an opinion on a subject. I’m 25-years-old and wanted to know if you think thats too old to rock Hello Kitty?”

“Should I be leaving all cartoonish stuff out of my wardrobe? I saw a really cute Hello Kitty purse, but I dont want to look childish for having it.”
My gut reaction is that 25 is definitely too old to wear cartoon garb. Perhaps you can go wild with Hello Kitty makeup cases or flourishes at home, but cartoon-wear should probably stop when you’re a teenager. That said, there are ways to make Hello Kitty ‘grown up.’ Perhaps wear a Kitty shirt under a blazer with dark skinny jeans. Or, take a cue from Kimora in a diamond dipped Hello Kitty necklace:

It really depends on what and how you wear your pieces. But I’m thinking anything aside from a t-shirt or some blinged out jewelry would skew a bit juvenile. What do you think?
That does it for today! I’m about to hit up a few shops to add a few key Parisian pieces to my wardrobe.
Have fantastic weekends, stay tuned for Style Inspirations and What to Wear posts next week!


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