Mail Bombs: Solange’s Dolce & Gabbana Green Lace Dress, Kyla Pratt’s Iris van Herpen x United Nude Chain Shoes, and Meagan Good’s Gabriella Rocha Snowflake Print Leggings!

Happy Friday!
I’d love to say I have a day full of exciting stuff planned, but I’m in winter hibernation mode and am saving up my energy for Fashion Week! Yes, it’s about to be that time of year again, and I’m doing the whole European circuit. I’m off to book hotels and flights, but first: Mail Bombs.
Tonya writes, “I’m loving this green dress Solange was rocking in Milan! Who makes it?”

“… Also, the bodice piece she is wearing underneath….where is it possible to find something like that? Though it would be hard to know exactly what she is wearing underneath…anything helps!”
Solange turned it up and turned it out in Milan in a chic Dolce & Gabbana green lace dress (similar to this):

Though it looks like the dress comes with its own underpinning, you can always buy a slip or a black bodysuit to go under see through garments. These are great options:

DivineAmore says, “I saw this pic of Kyla Pratt and LOVE her shoes!!!”

” Can you tell me where they are from?”
Kyla chilled with her girls in a $995 pair of Iris van Herpen x United Nude Crystallization shoes:

Unlike the Alexander McQueen boots she wore to the Wendy Williams show, these beauts are current season and thus available for purchase (no shade). Get ’em at

Though most of you unanimously voted Hmm…on Amber Rose’s camouflage get-up, there were still a few who were totally on board:

Teri writes, “You mentioned this on your Hot or Hmmm of the day… and you told me where I can buy the hat and the shoes, but not the actual jumper..Where can I find this jumper.. I love it!!!”

I could only find similar camouflage jumpers online at party stores as costumes (like this $80 costume from Walgreens):

Your best bet, however, might be to hit up an Army/Navy store. Google away to find one in your town.

Elyce was on Media Takeout when she spied this picture:

She says, “I love the outfit Meagan is wearing. I want to wear something like this for my birthday–love the leggings and boots, but not the top. Where can I find these leggings and boots? Also any trendy/edgy ideas for a top?”
Funny, I have a similar pair of pants from Motel that have never seen the light of day. But hey, maybe I’ll give ’em a whirl this winter. At any rate, it looks like Meagan is rocking these $35 Snowflake Printed Leggings by Gabriella Rocha:

Get ’em, plus a few similar alternatives (plus boots) here:

And in terms of styling, I’d say to stick with a hip length top, and dress it up with an off-the-shoulder number in black, white, or gray layered under multiple necklaces. How would you guys wear em?

Kimberly types, “Can you please tell me who makes these jeans/leather pants that Mashonda wore on her photo shoot with EGL magazine?”

At first glance, they looked a lot like the $630 R13 Denim Leather Chap Jeans Rihanna wore last July to go shopping at Fred Segal:

Those pants have long since sold out, but you can get a similar look by pairing denim shorts with liquid leather leggings:

In a wardrobe query, Lauren says, “I bought these leggings because I fell in love with them….”

“… but I don’t know what to wear with them :( Can you please help me?”
The key to any leggings look is proportion and balance. Since you’re going tight on the bottom, go loose and flowy on the top. Check out a few celebs for inspiration:

And get a few tops here:

Lastly, we have a few unsolved Mail Bombs…!
Mo writes, “Emily B posted this pic of her in these tights on her Twitter account a few weeks to a month ago. Everyone went crazy over them!!!”

“… I have searched hi and lo to no avail. Please find out where she got them.”
As with most things Emily B, I am stumped. While I thought they might’ve been by Brian Lichtenberg, his creations are a bit more intricate. To be honest, they don’t look that different from the sheer slit leggings Draya Michele posted on her Twitter. But what do I know?

And finally, Jasmine writes, “I need this dress in my life!!!”

“… I first saw this dress on Ashley from Bad Girls Club but I just recently saw it on one of the ladies of Mob Wives this past Monday. I adore it!!! Thanks in advance!!!”
Dunno. Leave a comment if you do!
Have great weekends and stay tuned for more Fashion Bomb fierceness.


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