Mail Bombs: Rihanna’s Hackney Weekend Michael Schmidt Custom Serpent Hat, Beyonce’s Hackney Weekend Balmain Jacket, and Azealia Banks’s Serpentine Gallery JuJu x Urban Outfitters Pink Jelly Heeled Sandals

Happy Friday!
So I’m chillin in Jamaica, ready to take a dip in de water. American Airlines was acting oh so cray, so my luggage is still in transit, but I’m here and ready to whine it up!
But first, of course, there are tons of Mail Bombs. Let’s take a crack at a couple.

First, Kylie says, “Could you please tell me who this black cap with the snake on it is designed by?”

Rihanna loves to rock super unique and custom items, and her serpent cap is unfortunately no exception. According to several sources, the hat was made for her by Michael Schmidt. The young man doesn’t seem to have a website, so perhaps this is a little DIY project you’ll have to take on. We’ll keep you updated in case something changes.
Rebecca writes, “Can you help me find the jacket Beyonce was wearing at the JayZ/ Kanye concert in London?”

Sure! In the ultimate act of chivalry, it seems Jay-Z took off the Balmain leather jacket he wore during one of his sets and slipped it on his wifie:

According to Complex Magazine, Jay’s Spring 2011 $4,580 jacket is long sold out, though I’m sure you can find something similar pretty much anywhere.

Next up, Talitha writes, “Where can I find the jellies that Azealia Banks had on at the Serpentine Summer Party?”

Azealia slipped on a super affordable pair of JuJu x Urban Outfitters Pink Jelly Heeled Sandals:

Get ’em for £24 or approximately $37 at

Annie says, “I am going to a wedding soon and I would love to wear something similar to this…”

“…I dont know where to search for it, please help me out!”

Kim stunted on the red carpet in a Georges Hobeika Sheath Column One-Shoulder Ruched Chiffon Gown. Her dress is no longer available, but you can certainly get a similar look with these options:

Pauline says, “Hey you guys, if you could find this mash-up of a boot/sandal that stylist Crystal Streets has on…”

“… I would be very happy. Thanks.”

Crystal divulged that her shoe/boot hybrids are by Maison Martin Margiela.

Unfortunately the item has long sold out, but thankfully a few lower priced retailers have a few look a likes. Check it:

Dannielle says, “I have been looking for a basic dress like this, but all the ones I’ve seen are too thin to wear in public.”

“… Please help me find this dress or one similar. Thanks!!!! Great Blog!”
Thanks! Not sure of the exact designer of Draya’s dress, but you should be able to get a similar look with this $150 Raquel Allegra Long Tank Dress in Nude:

Get it here. If that doesn’t work, this $48 BCBGMAXAZRIA Hazel Tank Dress should work:

Get it in black or nude at Lord & Taylor or at Dillard’s.

TicaPica writes, “Hey FashionBomb! I’d love to know where I can get Ciara’s high waist black jeans or a similar pair…”

“… particularly if they are skinny-style and ideally with a long zipper rather than buttons (I have a lovely straight-legged pair with buttons but they drive me nuts by coming undone on their own and your other posts on TFB feature button jeans or wide legged jeans/trousers).”
Skinny high waisted black jeans are super easy to find. Get the look for a splurge or a steal here:

In a wardrobe query, Nia says, “I love your site and need some help looking for a high heeled sandal to ocmplement my birthday dress. Any ideas?”

Pick up on the frock’s brown tones and earthy designs with a pair of brown sandals. I think a wedge could be cute, as the dress is a bit on the casual side. Try these on for size:

Adinah says, “Can someone please suggest something for these shoes?”

“… I want to wear all white, but don’t want to look too predictable or boring. Thanks!!”

Cute shoes! Why not play with complimentary colors like yellow, tangerine, or turquoise? Check out a few of these dress options for ideas:

What do you think?
And we’re ending this with just one unsolved Mail Bomb.
Teresa writes, “ I recently applied for The Fashion Institute of Technology and received the news of being put on the wait-list. Do you have any info on how I can better my chances of getting officially accepted? Thank you for your time.”

I’m not sure, but if you have suggestions, help her out!
I’m off to stuff myself with beef patties and curry goat.
Stay tuned for more posts from the Fashion Bomb Squad and today’s Bomber and Bombshell.


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