Mail Bombs: Rihanna’s 777 Tour Happy Ashley Hand Printed Top and Pants, Elle Varner’s Instagram Monika Chiang Mohawk Pumps, and Kourtney Kardashian’s Miami Scarf Print Cameo Button Down!

Happy Friday, y’all!
I’m currently at Noel New York, getting a brand new hairdo. I’ll be snapping a few pictures this weekend, so stay tuned. I think you’ll like it:)
Anyway I’ve been getting washed and rinsed all day, so Mail Bombs were delayed, but I figured: better late than never!
First up, Roxy writes, “I scoured the internet furiously looking for the designer of this item Rihanna wore for her 777 tour, however was not fortunate to find it.”

“Will you be able to advise where she got it and/or the designer.”

Rihanna’s stylists divulged to that her hand printed top and pants were by Happy Ashley, a UK based designer (Rita Ora has worn the brand as well).

She completed the look with a vintage Versace choker, Manolo Blahnik ankle strap pumps, a Chanel chain belt, and a $75 Josephine Bullet Bra from What Katie Did:

I haven’t been able to find buying info for Rihanna’s Happy Ashely look, but you can tweet the designer @HappyAshleyLand for the scoop!

Next up, Evalin types, “Elle Varner posted the attached picture of a pair of heels on her Instagram page.”

“…I’ve looked around, but I don’t know who designed them – so can you help?!”

Yup! Elle e-drooled over this hot $495 pair of Mohawk Pumps by Monika Chiang:

Get them here.

Jannelle types, “Hi ! I’ve been searching high and low for the designer/price of the blouse Kourtney is wearing at the Miami location of DASH.”

“… I love it !!!”
I do, too! Kourt was styled in a printed silk shirt by Australian brand Cameo. I haven’t been able to find it for sale online, though blogger Chase Dakota managed to get her hands on one:

Stay tuned here and to for news on the shirt’s release.

Jamila says, “Can you tell me where to find a dress like this for a good price with sleeves?

“… I have found some sleeveless, but I’m having my 30th birthday in San Francisco next month and I would love something similar.”
You might not need something similar! According to, Kenya twirled on Inside Edition in this $100 Zara red and black colorblock dress:

If you need the look for less, has something very similar for an affordable $65:

Get Kenya’s actual dress at Zara and the look for less here.

In another Kenya Moore Mail Bomb, Caryn writes, “Fashion Bomb, can you help me find the designer of Kenya Moore’s metallic dress she wore on her Bravo interview?”

“… Thanks so much!! to the rescue, again! According to Yakini, Kenya chatted with Andy in a $297 Alice + Olivia Selma Gold Seam Back Dress:

The color looks a bit off on the carpet, but on the show, you can see the frock’s golden tones:

At any rate, the dress is on sale at Neiman Marcus. Get it here.

Catherine types, “I’d like to know who designed the necklace that Draya is wearing in this picture from your site.”

Looks like Draya slipped on a Versace Medusa Head necklace, similar to this, to accessorize an American Apparel corset bodysuit and jean shorts.

Check Ebay to see if you can snag one for a steal!

Sue says, “I was watching Basketball Wives LA last night and they showed this coat Malaysia was wearing from Jackie Christie’s clothing line.

“...There’s no place to buy that particular jacket but would you happen to know where I could get a similar one.I would really luv to have one to wear for New Years since its getting kinda chilly in LA. Thanks.”
If you’re willing to spend a little, Burberry has this golden trench for $2,795.

Bling! If you can, get yours at

Jessica from Sweden says, “First I must say I´m sorry for my bad english. I´ve tried to get hold of a perfume with no results. Can you help me??? It´s the BEST SCENT EVER……”

“… The perfumes name is MYSTERY from Naomi Campbell. I´m thankful for an answer and I realy hope you can help me get the perfume.”
A quick Google search, and I found Naomi’s fab perfume for sale for $85 at Get it here.
Ari types, “ Hello there! I saw this picture of Kelly and fell in love with her bottoms.”

“… Because the pic is truncated, I don’t know if they’re pants, shorts, or a skirt. Can you help me find out who they’re made by and similar styles?? Thanks! Ari :)”

I’d presume Kelly R slipped on the same $1,300 Unisex leather drawstring sweatpants beloved by Kanye West and the like:

Get ’em at En Noir. Get the look for less with these options:

Shayenne says, “The Girls all look great w/ their outfits, but can u help me find Cara Delevingne’s Jacket and her beanie and also Rita ora’s Coat Please! Im dying to know! :)”

I can help you with Cara’s look! She left the club in an Adidas Originals JS Varsity Jacket and a TWC beanie:

Find store locations for her jacket here. Her TWC beanie is rumored to be exclusive to Trapstar London; anyone wearing one got it exclusively from the designer. Inquire here.
And no dice with Rita’s jacket, which brings me to Unsolved Mail Bombs!

Carrie types, “Where does Teyana Taylor get her highwaist pants from? I’ve seen her wearing them in red, black & white. Thanks.

Jazzy writes, ” I absolutely love these gold earrings worn by Tamera Mowry Housely. Can you tell me where I can find them? Thanks!

Lastly, Cynthia says, “Christmas is coming around & I really want to get this for my boyfriend but I have no idea where it’s from. Can u help me please!”

Dope shirt! It looks like it could be a Katie Eary creation, though I couldn’t find it on her site. If you know, leave a comment!

I’m off to enjoy the rest of the day.
Have good ones, guys. Until Monday!


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