Mail Bombs: Rihanna and Ciara in Mark Fast, Shaunie O’Neal and Angela Simmons in Louis Vuitton, and Melissa’s ASOS Long Sleeve Printed Leaf Playsuit!

Hey Guys!
Milan is crazy fun, but of course I had to make time for our weekly ritual.
Let’s go!
First up, Layla said, “Claire, can you PLEAASEEE find out where Rihanna got the dress she wore for her 23rd Birthday Party????”

According to several sources, Rihanna was wearing a banger by British designer Mark Fast:

The funky frock was from the designer’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection. You can get something similar (in terms of tassels) with this Mark Fast Handmade Knit Mini Dress for £1,350 ($2,174) from Brown’s Fashion:

Get it here.
Reschelle was more interested in Melissa’s look:

She said, “I.AM.IN.LOVE.WITH.THIS.ROMPER!!! Could you tell me who this is by or some similar options (long sleeve romper)?”
According to bomb reader Dobe, Melissa was wearing this $71 Long Sleeve Leaf Printed Playsuit from ASOS:

Get it here.

Allison says, “I have a birthday shindig coming up and I need ideas of something to wear. I’m in Texas so it’s pretty hot already. I like what Ciara wore here.”

“… So maybe something like it, or ANY ideas?! :)”

According to reader Gemini60, Ciara, like Rihanna, was wearing a Mark Fast dress:

They share a stylist, so makes sense, right? Ciara’s Ballet Dress with Cutouts was more affordable than Rihanna’s at £340 ($550), but still a splurge! Get a similar look for less with these:

Nikia said, “Please help!!! If anybody can help, I know its you. Where can I find this LV Bag Shaunie is rocking?”

“… I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks!!”
Hey Nikia! Shaunie is rocking a rare and limited edition Louis Vuitton Embossed Leather Speedy Cube 30 Bag from the brand’s Fall/Winter 2008 collection:

Funny coincidence, while looking at Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2008 runway, I also ran across the shoes Angela Simmons has been spied wearing on several occasions, most recently in London:

Both items are several seasons old, so most likely can only be found on Get tips for buying on Ebay in this post.

Lastly, in a wardrobe query, Kyeshia says, “I need your help…can you help me out with ideas for flats that are not ballet flats (got that covered) or oxfords for spring and cooler days?”
Ballet flats and oxfords don’t float your boat? Try menswear inspired loafers:

Wear them with jeans for cooler weather, or rock out with shorts, like Rihanna, when the temperature warms up. Get saucy with studs, or super girly with bright colors:

That does it for today! I have a series of shows to attend today, including Moschino and Etro! Stay tuned to Twitter for the scoop.


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