Mail Bombs: Nicole’s Leather Bomber Jacket, Kim Kardashian’s LAMB Sandals, and Amber’s Open Toe Boots!

Hey Guys!

Fashion Week means tons of show reviews, so we decided to go back to the traditional Mail Bombs format for today!
Thankfully we have a lot stored up…let’s go!
First up, Kyla says, “Any idea where I can get a leather jacket like the one Nicole is wearing here?”

“…Maybe even in black? “
Yup! We found these options for you at multiple price points:

Reader Antoinette from Toronto was cruising over at Concrete Loop and saw this cute picture of Kim Kardashian:

She says, “I need help finding these shoes Kim K is wearing….on the inexpensive side if you can!”
A quick search found that the forever stylish Kim is wearing a pair of $284 LAMB Zea sandals:

If $280 on cute shoes is a bit much for you, get a similar look with a couple of lower priced alternatives:

Next, Whitney says, “Amber’s shoes. I need them in my life!”

“… Or at least something similar!”
We found a few alternatives to Amber’s open toe boots, including a pair of Luichiny’s for $60:

Now for some wardrobe queries!
Law school student Karen says, “One of my friends is on a sartorial quest for something in particular: over-the-knee, purple leather boots. She’s been able to find over-the-knee boots, just not in purple. They sound super-fierce to me! Any suggestions where we could find such a boot? Also, we’re law students, so something moderately priced would be greatly appreciated!”
You came to the right place! We found you a couple options: Steve Madden’s purple suede Xennon boots for about $150, and Christian Louboutin’s stunners for 10 times as much. My money’s on the Madden’s, purchase below:

Lastly, Lesleigh says, “I am 6′ tall and have difficulty finding jeans that are long enough. I need help finding skinny jeans with a 36” inseam. Please help!”
Sure thing! In addition to the options I found you below from Topshop, Banana Republic, and Forever 21, you should also look at websites likes PZI Jeans, Rock & Republic, and Skinny Jeans:

That does it for today! Stay tuned throughout the weekend for show reviews and scenes from NY Fashion Week!


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