Mail Bombs: Tina Knowles’s 4th of July Mother Cherry Pickin Jeans, Melanie Fiona’s Pre BET Awards Donna Karan Dress, and Joseline Hernandez’s Cut Out Aztec Print Black and White Dress

Happy Friday!
It’s been quite a whirlwind week for me, from traveling back home from Jamaica to celebrating the 4th with friends.
Mail Bombs never stop, so let’s take a crack at a few!

First up, Nikki writes, “Who is the designer of Tina Knowles’s pants?”

We were stumped, but thankfully reader Lisa chimed in with the score! She wrote, “Tina’s cherry print jeans are by Mother.”

Thanks for the tip, Lisa! You can get Tina’s pants for $230 at Cusp, Neiman Marcus, or Revolve.

Next, Melody writes, “I saw this beautiful maxi dress Michelle Williams wore to the BET awards festivities…”

“I was wondering where I can get it, or something similar. Thanks! :)”
According to several sources, Michelle Williams attended the pre-BET awards festivities in a dress by BCBG Max Azria (which is no surprise, as she’s been know to wear both BCBG and Herve Leger to multiple red carpet events). Unfortunately her dress isn’t available (and I haven’t found anything similar). Keep an eye peeled at for her exact option.

In another Pre-BET Awards Mail Bomb, Desiree says, “Can you please tell me who makes Melanie’s dress?”

” I love it and would like to purchase it or something similar to it for an event I am attending later this month.”

According to our sources, Melanie was styled in a blue $1,495 Donna Karan knot dress, similar to this.

Her style is no longer available, but you can get a similar look with these:

Chris Brown superfan Videl from the UK writes, “I reaallyy neeed I mean reallyy need those jeans or something similar with the same style, but slim.”

“I’ve been lookin literally everywhere HELPP!! pleasee.”

Okayyy. These look like regular acid washed jeans to me, no? Get something similar to Chris’s pair here:

Tosca writes, “HEY LADY!! I must have this dress.”

“…Even something similar in a solid. I like the old style feel of the top part. Thanks so much in ADVANCE honey!!”
So now people want to dress like Joseline (or Hosseline as Funky Dineva would say)?
Well, according to RealityTVFashion, the young lady wore a Summer 2011 Urban Outfitter’s Nom de Plume by Yaya Penny Aztec Print Black and White Dress.

Her dress is from last year, so sold out, but you can get a similar silhouette with this Sparkle & Fade Side Print Cut-Out Dress Ivory from

Or any of these below:

Kimberly says, “Please help me find these midriffs that everyone is wearing.”

You can find mock crops in skin clinging spandex at any American Apparel store.

Pick a color, any color, here.

Zoneesha says, “I love love love LOVE this dress Shaniece H is wearing!”

” Do you have any idea who the designer is?”
9 times out of 10, when you see a dress with a wrap silhouette, it’s by Diane von Furstenberg. I wasn’t able to find Shaniece’s exact dress online, though you can get a similar silhouette with these DVF pieces:

Lisah writes, “Everyone on Instagram thinks if anyone can find this shoe you all can.”

” PLEASE HELP me find the shoes Big Ang wore on the View!”

From the platform front to the high gold stiletto heel, the shoes look like they’re by Gianmarco Lorenzi (similar to these):

Unfortunately Gianmarco’s site is hard to navigate and their E-Boutique isn’t up, so it’s hard to confirm. If anyone else has leads, let us know! Which brings us to a slew of unsolved Mail Bombs…!

Santyara writes, “ I seen a photo of Aubrey O’Day on MTO this morning I wanted to know who’s the designer of her sunglasses and where to purchase if possible.”

” And also if you have any website recommendations for hot sunglasses. Thanks.”
Not sure with this one, but you can find hot sunglasses at Net-a-Porter,, Karmaloop, Linda Farrow, and Opening Ceremony. Opening Ceremony will certainly have items to help you stand out from a crowd. I’d go there first.
And lastly, Avanelle writes, “Since I’ve seen this video, I’ve been searching all over for the designer of this jumpsuit.”


No idea, but hopefully one of you out there can help Avanelle out.
That’s about all I have time for today, folks!
Gotta upload today’s Bombshell and scour for more fantastic content for your reading enjoyment.
Have amazing and restful weekends.
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