Mail Bombs: Kim Kardashian’s Lace Up Leggings, Jennifer Hudson Leather Flap Jacket, and Meagan Good Inspired Combat Boots!

Hey Guys!
I took a little time to rest up from Fashion Week, hence the late Mail Bombs.
Still, I was able to find a a good bit of celebrity items along with answers to your wardrobe queries.
Let’s go!
First, Akilah says, “I think these pants are dope.”

“Any idea who the designer is, the price, and where I can get them, or something similar?”
A quick search found Kim is wearing these $189 Style Stalker Snakebite Leggings:

Purchase them here.

Sweet C said, “Desperately need your help!!! Jennifer Hudson is rocking this fierce leather coat that I have to get!! She wore it for a WW event.”

” Can you tell me who the jacket is by?”

I found a few similar jackets. Get her look here:

Sheria says, “I’ve had my eye on some military inspired boots for a while and absolutely love the one’s Meagan Good is wearing….”

“…Can you help me find these (or similar ones)? “
Here are a few military/combat boots that will help you get Meagan’s casual look:

In a wardrobe query, Kizzie says, “I am looking for that wow dress–something with sequins or something backless. I am just always at Bebe or the same stores! If you can help me find dresses like these especially the Beyonce sequined dress, I would really appreciate it…..”

I found you the following options that can allow you to get a Beyonce steeze:

Some are pretty expensive, but if you want a hot dress without spending all your money, try renting a dress from a website like

Lastly, Nikia says, ” I saw some badddd Steve Madden boots while thumbing through the pages of the latest Essence.”

“… I’m trying to decide if forking over $150 for these puppies is worth it because I’m not sure how much wear I can get out of them. So please – tell me what I can wear this with. I’d love to have them but not if they will be a strictly “special occasion” boot.”

Purple boots can be tricky, but fear not! There are many ways you can wear them. Try sliding on your boots with a patterned dress that picks up on the color of the boot. Not as adventurous? You can’t go wrong by wearing a white top and neutral bottoms (like jeans) or a solid colored dress in gray, yellow, or even red. The rule is: if you’re wearing color, make sure it corresponds with the boot. If not, go all neutral and let your boots do all the talking:

Check out our informative color wheel post for more ideas on what colors go well with purple.
That does it for today!
Tonight I’m hitting up the talk on diversity in publishing at NYU, then off to a Harlem Row Fashion Show.
Though fashion week is officially over, the beat still goes on for the Fashion Bomb.
Hope to see some of y’all tonight!


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