Mail Bombs: Kim Kardashian’s KW Initial Studs, Jennifer Lopez’s American Idol Michael Michael Kors Gold Jersey Sequin Harem Pants, and Emily B’s Red Pants!

Happy Friday!
Today I’m practicing my ‘on camera’ skills a bit more with a Breaking into Fashion interview for Fashion Bomb TV. I’m off to get camera ready, but first, let’s solve some Mail Bombs!
First up, Christina writes, “I’m sure this request has come already or is on it’s way: Kim K’s KW earrings! Where can I find something similar????”

“.. I love them! I love that it doesn’t interrupt you wearing regular earrings. Can you help find?”

Hey Christina! Surprisingly you’re the only person who asked for those. Online store Zoe Chicco has initial studs similar to Kim’s, in white and rose gold:

Get them for $75 a pop here, or even upgrade with pavé diamonds for $260 per stud. Palm Beach Earrings also offers initial studs for $70 each:

Get them here.
*Editorial Note: Jenn, I’m really hoping you get your own initials. I’m just saying.

Monique was mesmerized by Jennifer Lopez’s gold harem pants from This Week in Chic, and needed to get the scoop.

She wrote, “Who makes them!?!”
J Lo accented a gold Temperley crop top and $995 Jimmy Choo Leila sandals with Michael Michael Kors Harem Pants:

Get them for $157 at Neiman Marcus.

A million of you were interested in a pair of red pants Emily B instagrammed a few days ago:

Kim writes, “Please, where can I find these pants Emily B has on in her instagram pic? Or are there other reasonably priced alternatives?”
Well, I took a look on Emily B’s favorite store ASOS, and found these $37 Pants with an Elastic Cuff:

As well as these $40 Vila Twill Tailored Pants:

Those will surely help you get the look, but if they won’t do, these should:

Michelle says, “Do you know where I could find this hoodie?”

Hey! Not sure, though Amber is definitely rocking a hoodie with the Rolling Stone logo, similar to this $60 option:

I couldn’t find Amber’s exact hoodie, but peruse all Rolling Stones merch at


Yep, it took us a little while, but we did:) Nicki completed her Boy London/Cyberdog/Demonia look with a custom Horace Patchwork Cropped Denim Jacket. Her jacket isn’t available for purchase, but the men’s version is $227 at ASOS:

Perhaps order a size small for a similar essence? Get it here.
Meika says, “I don’t know how old this picture is, but I came across it and would love to know who Kandi’s wearing???”

“… If you also knew of some similar dresses that are reasonably priced?”

Hey! Not sure, but it looks like Kandi may have been wearing an interpretation of this Marc by Marc Jacobs SS 2011 striped dress (also worn by Michelle Obama and Garcelle Beauvais):

I couldn’t find anything with the exact color scheme, but you can get a striped look with these:

In a wardrobe query, Mercedes asks, “Hi I would like your advice on what shoes I should wear with this dress.”

“…I want to wear something to stand out but not throw the dress off! Thanks in advance.”

Go with a nude or gold shoe. I think you can have a little fun with the design (a strappy would work). Try these on for size:

And Theresa says, “I absolutely love these BCBG pants but I have not idea what to wear with it.”

“…Claire I trust your taste and you’ve never let me down. Any ideas???”

If you’re unsure, you can always balance prints with a solid colored top! I’d rock those with a white button down or even a black tank, along with simple sandals. Bring it all together with a blazer or jean jacket:

Look to these celebs for even more inspiration:

Now, time for some Unsolved Mail Mysteries!
Jenn J says, “Could you PLEASE tell me what Lola is wearing on top in this latest Los music video? It looks one-of-a-kind!!”

Diana writes, “ I am hoping that you guys can help me find this dress that Amber Rose wore at the 6th Annual Kandyland at the Playboy Mansion.I have been looking for it for a long time and no luck.I know it is from last Summer but I am still hoping that you guys can help me out.”

Lastly, Leann says, “Pleasseeee tell me who makes this set that Brianna Perry is wearing.”

” Or even sets that are similar. I must have this :-).”
I didn’t have time to search, but hopefully one of you out there already knows the score!
I’m off to upload today’s Bombshell then hit these mean streets.
Have fab weekends!


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