Mail Bombs: Kim Kardashian’s Camel Poncho for Less and Ciara’s Line Striped Open Cardigan

Happy Happy Friday Bombshells!

I’ve been having a great time in New York, catching up with friends and mingling on the scene. I’m going back to Atlanta on Monday for just a bit before moving back to New York for good. I can’t wait!
I still have quite a bit on my plate for the weekend…so let’s solve some Mail Bombs!
First, Grace says, “I saw this pic of Kim in NYC and I’m in love with the beige turtleneck tunic she has on!”

” Can you help me find one that affordable since I’m a college student on a budget?”

Of course! It turns out Kim is wearing a super lush Ralph Lauren Blue Label cashmere high neck poncho, which can cost anywhere from $400-$1500. If you need the look for less, a quick search found this Wooden Ships Camel Poncho for $64:

It’s not as long and luxurious as Kim’s option, but it has a more wallet friendly pricetag. Get yours here.
Tons of you fell in love with Ciara’s cardigan sweater from Vuitton’s Hot or Hmm…. post:

Brooklyn lady said, “I LOVE Ciara’s knit cardigan! IT’S SICK! I can’t focus on anything else here but that sweater and what I’d do with it! UGH!”
Well according to Upscale Hype, Ciara paired a Maison Martin Margiela fur scarf and a black belt with this $275 Line Open Cardigan from Neiman Marcus:

Get it here.

Ebony love love loves Halle Berry’s simple style, and sent in a request for this cardigan:

She sais, “I’d be ever so grateful if you could find this top. Effortless, and chic yet comfortable. Please oh please tell me where I can get this!”
Hey Ebony! We unfortunately couldn’t find the exact item, but you can get a similar look with these:

Reader Kristine spotted this wing ring and said, “it’s such a fun piece!”

“Can you help me find something similar?”
Get the look for a splurge or steal here. My fave may have to be the Rachel Rachel Roy Double Wing ring:

And lastly, a Mail Bomb I couldn’t solve. Nalo asks, “Do you know who is Nicki Minaj’s makeup artist?”

No idea. Anyone know? If so, leave a comment!
That does it for today. I’m off to go soak in some New York fabulousness.
Until Monday…


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