Mail Bombs: Kerry Washington’s Django Unchained Comic Con J. Mendel Resort 2013 Floral Skirt, Beyonce’s Sideways Cross Necklace, and Marlo Hampton’s Club Pandemonium Herve Leger Spring 2012 White Dress!

Happy Monday!
Last Friday was way too intense for me to even think about Mail Bombs, but today is a new day, Bombers and Bombshells! As promised, as many Mail Bombs as I could muster.
Let’s do it.
First up, Cornell writes, “I recently came across a photo of Actress Kerry Washington attending “DJango Unchained” Press Line during Comic-Con International 2012 at Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel on July 14, 2012 in San Diego, California.”

“Can you tell me what designer she is wearing by any chance?”

Well, since you asked so nicely:) Kerry appeared at the photo call in a leather bustier by Altuzarra and floral skirt from J.Mendel’s Resort 2013 collection:

You know Kerry got the hook up, as the Resort 2013 collections just debuted. If you want to recreate her look, come close with these pieces:

Next up, we have Shareen, who says, “I saw this sideways cross Beyonce was wearing in a picture on her tumblr.”

“… I love it because the size is pretty large. Please help, thank you!”

Not sure of the exact make of Beyonce’s cross necklace, though you can get the look with any of these:

And in case you’re interested in her ‘Blue’ necklace, it’s been widely reported that she had it made by the fine jewelers at Basch & Co. Visit their site here.

Kari writes, “I could really use your help. I absolutely LOVVVEEE this sheer sleeve blazer actress Denise Vasi wore last weekend during the Essence Music Festival.

“… Please help me find it, or other blazers like it. Thank You!!!”

Though it’s hard to tell with such a small picture, my guess is that the Single Ladies actress rocked with this $645 Helmut Lang Sheer Sleeve Blazer:

It has similar sheer sleeves and a streamlined silhouette. Get it, plus more sheer sleeved options here:

Next up Shaquana writes, ” I just came across this picture of Marlo Hampton in this beautiful to die for dress…”

“… who is the designer? Where else can I get a similar look?”

Hey Shaquana! Well, according to RealityTVFashion, Marlo stepped out with Derek J in this Spring 2012 Herve Leger white dress:

If you want to purchase something similar, this $2,600 Camila Draped Bandage dress by the label offers an abbreviated take:

Too expensive? Click around and see what they may have in store.

In a wardrobe query, Denise writes, “I love high waisted jeans but I love them more when there is a flare(bell bottom)at the bottom& tight fitting.”

“… I’ve searched high and low for some, can you please help me find a pair of high wasted bell bottom jeans or tight fitting flare (bell bottom) jeans?
Yep! Get the look with these:

Keyona says, “My boyfriend wants me to match him at his sister’s wedding! He’s wearing a black tux with grey accents and wants me to wear grey. I’m having such a hard time finding an appropriate dress that’s not super formal but does’t look clubby. I want to make a good impression on his parents. HELP!”
Ok! Gray can be made daytime appropriate by incorporating prints. Since this is a summer wedding (I presume), why not go wild with floral? Check out a few frocks I uncovered:

And Kae says, “I just came across these pastel crystal Valentino loafer/flats on killingheels.tumblr and was wondering if you knew where I could purchase them or what season they’re from.”

Hey! I wasn’t able to find those anywhere. My guess is that they’re past season (besides, hasn’t Jeffrey Campbell already knocked those off?). At any rate, all that’s on the market are these $917 Valentino Microstud Loafers from

If those don’t work, don’t be scared to contact the folks at Valentino to ask them what’s up! Promise, they won’t bite. Find a local retailer by visiting

A few of you had questions about items I posted on my Tumblr or Instagram
Zoe says, “The latest pic on your tumblr labeled “staying organized”…what is that?”

“Can you put up a full pic of the outside of it? I’m always searching for a new way to organize things.”

Yep! In New York, storage is key, so I throw a lot of my bags and shoes in this $1,000 Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau Storage Ottoman:

Yes, it’s a splurge, but it’s a gorgeous accent, holds tons and tons of stuff, and can be used as both a foot rest and an extra chair in case you have company. It’s a worthy investment! If you’re up for it, get it, plus a few less expensive options here:

And Corey says, “Hi you have some neon heels with brown suede open toes on in a photo I saw.

” Must have them. Who is the designer? Please!!!!”

My neon tinged heels are by Kurt Geiger, purchased at my favorite UK department store, Liberty. They come with neon pink, orange, and yellow accents, though I was only able to find the pink option for sale at Harrod’s:

Get them here.
Note: I also wore them to interview Blake Scotland for Fashion Bomb TV.
Now for some unsolved Mail Bombs!

Tannasha says, ” I would love to know who is the maker of Renee’s dress and shoes!!!!!”

And lastly, Ebria writes, “I would really like to know where this striped jumpsuit is from that Rita is wearing. :)”

No clue, but if you know, leave a comment!
There’s so much more in store on the Bomb today. Gotta get to it.
Stay tuned!


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