Mail Bombs: Kelly Rowland’s Ebony Magazine BluMarine Spring 2012 Swimsuit, Jennifer Williams’s Basketball Wives Reunion Chanel Beaded Necklace, and Chris Brown’s AV Club Shaun Samson Multicolored Stripe Tee!

Happy Friday, Bombshells!
I’m gearing up to fly to Salt Lake City, Utah to learn how to drive a stick shift with Ford Motors! I can barely drive an automatic car, so this trip should be…interesting. I’m bringing my photographer Marta along for the ride, so be sure to check in on Monday for a quick recap!
But before I head to the airport yet again, I did solve some Mail Bombs.
Let’s get to it, shall we?
First up, Nichelle writes, “Hey wondering if you know where I could get this swimsuit.”

Upon asking for further clarification (i.e. who’s in this dark, shadowy pic?), she wrote, “O I thought that was trey songs and a friend.” At any rate, after squinting my eyes, I could tell that this shot was from Ebony Magazine’s July 2012 issue, featuring Trey Songz and Kelly Rowland. Kelly was styled in a Blumarine Spring 2012 swimsuit along with the brand’s pink and orange floral appliqué sandals:

I wasn’t able to find her two piece available for purchase online, though you can visit to see if there is a stockist near you.

Mary writes, “Where can I get the best price on the Chanel necklace worn by Jennifer Williams?”

Best price? For Chanel? Chanel is definitely on the higher end of luxury goods, and a similar necklace by the brand will set you back approximately $3,145.

If you want the look for less, places like Bag Borrow or Steal or Rent the Runway have Chanel pieces available for rent starting at $125 per week or $375 per month. If you’re willing to splurge on a rental, see BBOS’s selection of Chanel jewelry here and check out RTR’s options here.

Next up, Brittny says, “Where can I get this shirt?”

The lovely Nia Long attended a Miami Catwalk for Charity Benefit in a $449 Helmut Lang Tilt Print Silk Top:

Luckily the shirt is on sale for various price points around the web. Take your pick here:

Note: Tisha Campbell has worn this top as well, as we reported here.

Christopher writes, “ After looking at fashion tip 101, I came across this sweet baby blazer, which I must have.”

“.. I have attached photo of the coat. Thanks!”

This pic is a bit archived, but we can find a few current looks for you (though they won’t have the same exact material). Hopefully these will work:

In another men’s Mail Bomb, Rodell says, “Where can I get this shirt Chris Brown wore to AV nightclub?”

Chris Brown hit the club in a $560 short sleeve blanket pullover by Shaun Samson:

The piece splices panels of multicolor Mexican blankets into oversized shirts. Get yours at Opening Ceremony.

In a wardrobe query, Sydni writes, “You recently did a post on Selena Gomez wearing a two piece Versace number.

“… I’ve been looking high and low for matching two piece sets whether it be bustier and shorts, bustier and skirts, crop top and skirt, etc but have found nothing in my budget! Could you help a sista out!? I love the trend! Thank you in advance!”
Yep! I think the best place to look for pieces like these for less would be Topshop. Check out a few matching sets here:

Those are actually super cute! Might have to try one on for size…
And of course, we’ll end this with some unsolved Mail Bombs!
Giselle says, “Can you id this dress please and thank you.”

Jennifer writes, “I’m in love with Snooki’s peep-toe ankle boots. I would like to know where I can buy them.”

(They look like JC’s, no? I couldn’t find ’em…)
@MimiDigital hit us up on Twitter, saying, “Hi, Claire! Can we get a label spill on this dress Ashanti rocked at a school appearance the other day?”

And lastly, Michell writes, “Hi!! I wanted to know if you could see where can I buy this dress. I got it from 50 cent new lady, Daphne Joy’s twitter account. Thank you and have a nice day!”

Is that a dress or lingerie? I feel like you can get that at Victoria’s Secret, no?
At any rate, the fun must end here, as I have an hour before I leave for the airport and I haven’t finished packing….!
Stay tuned for more Fashion Bomb fun from Faith, Jihan, and Cliché, and also keep your eyes peeled for today’s Bomber and Bombshell. You’re gonna love ’em.


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