Mail Bombs: Jessica Alba’s Barbara Bui Sandals and Christian Dior Tote, Shaunie O’Neal’s The Fabric Twinz White Dress, and Yung Booke’s BXB Clothing It’s All Love Sweatshirt!

It has been quite a busy week on the Bomb, and I am so ready to just sit down and relax this weekend! My only plans are to work out, eat, and relax…but before I can do any of that, let’s solve some Mail Bombs.
They are a’ rolling in and I’m thinking we need to bring on a “Mail Bombs” intern…stay tuned at the bottom for details!
Cherelle writes, “I am LOVING Jessica Alba’s shoes for spring!!

” And her purse looks fabulous for everyday. Where can I get them?”

Jessica stepped out in Barbara Bui Spring 2012 Ankle Strap Sandals and a Christian Dior Spring 2012 tote (shown in orange):

If you care to splurge, visit and for price and buying info.
Marge said, “You gave us the info on J. Lo’s Louboutin sandals, but didn’t mention where she got her dress!”

“Where can I get it?!?”

Jennifer looked cute and comfy with her boo boo Casper Smart in a $198 Ella Moss Lucia Dress:

The 100% rayon dress has a loose silhouette–perfect for traveling in style. It’s only available in black at the moment. You can get it here.
Sabee writes, “ I love the metal tip shoes Solange was wearing at the Stuart Weitzman spring opening.

“…I was wondering if there are any lower brand designers making a similar shoe for about $60-$80? I was praying Nine West would pick up on this trend, but they failed to do so. Is there anywhere else I can get similar shoes?”
Sometimes it’s hard to find cheaper versions of distinct designs. In this case, we couldn’t find anything in the $60-$80 range, though these Court Shoes with Metal Toe Cap from Zara ring in at a more affordable $90:

If those will work, get them here. Find other affordable metal cap toed shoes here:

Talley writes, “While surfing Topshop’s Tumblr blog, I came across this picture of Taylor Tomasi Hill, the former style and accessories director for Marie Claire, wearing these amazing vertically striped pants!”

” Can we say gorg? Now, as great as the pant is I’m sure I can’t afford them – so, this is where FashionBombDaily comes in (thank heavens we have you!), where can I find a similar pant in an affordable version? Possibly, could you find something for the long and lean(as I stand 5’11)?”
Don’t thank the heavens too quickly! I scoured the web, and the only brand selling similar pants is Alice & Olivia:

Their high waist striped pants aren’t astoundingly expensive, but at $242, they’re not super affordable either. Until we can find something more affordable, you can get Alice & Olivia’s look here.

Sherry says, “I was wondering if you guys can help me find out who makes the black leopard sweatshirt Yung Booke wore in the pictures with T.I and Iggy.”

” Im a sneaker head and would love to get one of those shirts…”
Who is Yung Booke, now? At first I thought you meant Young Buck, but alas…at any rate, the young man slipped on a $35 “It’s All Love” sweatshirt by burgeoning brand Btches x Business aka BXB:

Lucky you, they have an online store. Buy your sweatshirt here.

Rheachelle says, “Shaunie O’Neal wore this white dress on Basketball Wives this week.”

” It’s beautiful! Can you find the designer?”
It looks like Shaunie slipped on a Fall 2011 dress by the Fabric Twinz:

The duo don’t seem to have an online store, but you can contact them here to inquire about price and buying details.

Andria says, “I saw this dress on Tamar Braxton last night while watching BFV.”

“…Can you please tell me who makes this and where I can buy it, or at least something similar?”

Not sure of the exact designer, but try these options for a similar essence:

Neesh says, “Please help me find this dress or something similar, you guys are the best!”

“Thank you mucho!!!”
I’m pretty sure Kandi is rocking Herve Leger , though I couldn’t find the exact style. At any rate, get a few options to get her look here:

In a wardrobe query, Tanya writes, “I am wondering if you can help me. I am looking for high waist pants for my birthday. I am a size 16 and I cannot find these pants at all!”
Get high waist plus sized pants here:

Lastly, Tia says, “Any chance you can help me out on a quest for long-sleeved summer dresses?”

Sure thing! Get a jumpstart with these spring ready frocks:

That does it!
There are many, many, many more Mail Bombs I simply couldn’t get to–and that’s where our Mail Bombs intern comes in. We’re gonna need someone with an amazing knowledge of fashion, patience, and spectacular research skills to help us once a week! If you’ve got what it takes and tons of free time, then simply solve the following unsolved reader questions in a comment:
1. Michelle asked, “Who is the designer of Evelyn’s cut out Maxi?”

2. Jessica says, “Love at first sight!”

“… I want this playsuit, it’s literally motivation to lose some spring/summer weight!”

3. Lauren writes, “Where can I find the necklace jennifer has on in these pictures?

4. Aikeisha says, “I am obsessed with the cobalt blue blazer with the open sleeve that Toya Wright wore to Brandy and Monica’s V-103 event.”

“I tried to do some research of my own but was unsuccessful. Can you please help! I hope I provided enough information.”
5. Lastly, Kai writes, “ I saw Eva Marcille’s earrings and I must know more about them.”

” Please help. Thank You!”
Leave a comment with the finds; whoever gets all five 1st wins a chance to join the Fashion Bomb Squad!
And for those asking about summer internships, we really won’t start searching until May. Stay tuned!
Have great weekends.


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