Mail Bombs: Jennifer Lopez’s Wendy Williams Show Fausto Puglisi Fall 2014 Blue Statue of Liberty Outfit and Yeprem Jewelry Ring Finger Cuff, Evelyn Lozada’s Instagram Torn by Ronny Kobo Alona Green and White Tank Dress, and Angela Simmons’s Instagram Chanel Silver Plated Boots!

TGIF Bombers and Bombshells!
Though London was supposed to be a vacation, I’ve been running around like crazy for the past few days (Style Diary to come!). I’m so grateful for today’s light schedule. I plan to blog it up, grab dinner, then get packed for Milan!
But before everything else: Mail Bombs.
Let’s go!
So many of you were interested in the jewelry J. Lo wore on the Wendy Williams Show! Krystin aka @BeLoudBeYou tweeted, “Who makes that finger cuff @JLo was wearing on the Wendy Williams show?”
jennifer lopez wendy williams fausto puglisi fall 2014 statue of liberty outfit yeprem jewelry cuff
Swoozie sent us an e-mail, typing, “Just got done watching JLo on Wendy Williams show and she had this dope ring on her right hand. Would you happen to know what brand it is or something similar?” Yvette added, “JLo was on Wendy Williams Thurs, 6/19 and had the sickest ring on her right hand. It was some sort of diamond studded claw..thing. Dying to know who makes it?!”
Well…I was so mesmerized by Jenny’s Fausto Puglisi Fall 2014 outfit, that I didn’t bother to look at her accessories at first blush!
But after doing a short search, I found that La Lopez wore a hand cuff by Yeprem Jewelry. Take a look at a few of their (gorgeous!) pieces below:
jennifer lopez 2 J Lo's Wendy Williams Show Fausto Puglisi Fall 2014 Statue of Liberty Outfit and Yeprem Jewelry Ring Finger Cuff
jennifer lopez J Lo's Wendy Williams Show Fausto Puglisi Fall 2014 Statue of Liberty Outfit and Yeprem Jewelry Ring Finger Cuff
Amazing. I can see why so many of you wanted the scoop! At any rate, it doesn’t look like Yeprem has online retail, though you can contact them via their website at This website sells a few Yeprem pieces, and it seems something similar would run you about $4,000. See even more from Yeprem here.

Next, Audrey writes, “Hi I would like to know where I can find this dress Evelyn wore.”
evelyn lozada torn by ronny kobo green and white striped tank dress
” The picture is from her Instagram. Thanks!”

Yep! I immediately recognized this Torn by Ronny Kobo Alona dress because Beyonce wore it once before:
3 Solange Knowles Family Photo Cushnie et Ochs Resort 2014 Cut Out Yellow Dress 4
beyonce torn by ronny kobo alona dress green and white stripe
At any rate, the popular $238 piece is sold out. See current Torn dresses at

Next, Toree writes, “I love this blazer Keri has on.”
keri hilson Premiere+Screen+Gems+Think+Like+Man+Red+Carpet+bOB-YfFZ77jx
” Can you please tell me who this blazer is by?”

Ms. Keri offset black separates with a $2,382 Tuxedo Jacket by Balmain:
keri hilson think like a man too premiere balmain tuxedo jacket
Splurge on one of your own at

Tara says, “What brand are the boots Angela Simmons wearing?
angela simmons chanel combat boots
“Please help me Lol they are beautiful!”

A. Simmons struck a model pose in a pair of silver plated boots by Chanel.
angela simmons chanel silver plated combat boots
I’m pretty sure they’re past season. See current boot styles at

Alicia says, “Samira Wiley’s Dress?”
samira wiley alexander wang white dress bello magazine
” From Bello magazine pls. Ty :)”

I’ll say it once, I’ll say it again: with magazine Mail Bombs, it’s as simple as picking up the magazine and reading the credits. In this case, the credit is on the page–if you zoom in, you can see Samira’s white dress is by Alexander Wang.
samira wiley bello magazine alexander wang spring 2012 white dress
If you were looking to buy, unfortunately you’re out of luck: The dress is from Alexander Wang’s Spring 2012 collection! But, you can cruise Ebay or see current styles at

In a wardrobe query, Chloe writes, “I am totally your biggest fan from overseas and have come to you with a burgeoning question I believe only you can help with….I have grown significantly in the chest department and am searching for bra solutions that can manage my new curvaceous figure i.e. bras that work with tops with enlarged open sleeves, backless dresses etc and also wondered if you could find out where Kim K’s bra is from in the image attached?”
Kim Kardashian's Bonnaroo Acne Olive Green  'Encore' Bomber Jacket
I honestly have no idea where Kim’s bra is from, BUT if you want tips on where to buy bras for large busts, I’m your girl! I really like bras by Freya, Fantaisie, Le Mystere, and Panache. They offer unbridled support, and come in cute patterns and colors! You can begin your search for bra solutions on websites like or take your pick from the options below:

And we’re closing this post out with just one unsolved Mail Bomb!
Simone types, “Do you know where this jumpsuit is from/who the designer is??? “
alleyesonjordyc denim jumpsuit instagram
Generally Mail Bombs are reserved for celebs. I’m not quite sure who @alleyesonjordyc is…? But the jumpsuit is cute, so if you have the deets, write it in the comments!
I’m off to get packed for Milano! Stay tuned for more fashion fabulosity!


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