Mail Bombs: Evelyn Lozada’s Basketball Wives Finale Pink Strapless Hybrid Dress with Winged Collar Detail, Nicki Minaj’s By My Side Marlies Dekkers Black Lace Corset, and Rihanna’s Esquire UK Agent Provocateur Bubbles Bra and Briefs!

Happy Friday Bombshells!
Last night was super busy with shooting for our next episode of Fashion Bomb TV (we sat down with legendary stylist Patricia Field–squeal!). At any rate, stay tuned for it, plus the beginning of our internship contest, next week Monday!
For now, let’s take a crack at some Mail Bombs.
First up, Precious writes, “Please help me find this dress[or something quite similar] Evelyn has on in the season finale of Basketball Wives!”

“… I don’t even know where I should start looking…”

Well, with some reality stars, it’s easiest to start at ASOS! Evelyn posed in this $148 Hybrid Dress Bandeau with Winged Collar Detail:

Unfortunately it’s sold out, but hey! Maybe they’ll restock. Send the kind folks over at ASOS an e-mail or just peruse other styles here. If you’re in the UK (or don’t mind paying international shipping), reader Aretak tells us you can still get the dress at
If any pink strapless number will do, get the look with these:

In another Basketball Wives Mail Bomb, Stephanie says, “ I am dying over these sunglasses Jennifer Williams wore during the Basketball Wives finale.”

“… She is def on her sunglass game and I would love to know who makes those so I can step my game up.”

Jennifer told that she slipped on a pair of $150 Ray Ban Shield sunglasses to talk to her castmates at the end of her Tahiti trip. Reader Maureen chimed in, saying, “I know the style – they are the men’s Ray-Ban RB 3416Q Wings Sunglasses.” Well, alrighty! Contact your local Ray Ban retailer for the exact pair, or get a similar look with these:

Or any of these options by other brands:

Next, Rhoda writes, “I am looking for the black lace outfit Nicki had on in her new video Right by My Side.”

“I looked all over and can not find it please help me find it.”

According to several sources, Nicki was styled in a crinoline skirt and black corset from Marlies Dekkers’s Fall 2012 collection.

Right now her Marlies Dekkers’s bras are only available for purchase, though you can certainly recreate Nicki’s look with these:

Speaking of Right by My Side style, Tina writes, “I was wondering what glasses Nas had on in the beginning of the Nicki video?”

” The plastic ones with the gold on the side?”

I’m not sure, but every time I see similar vintage frames, I think of Cazal. They effuse old school hip-hop chic, and feature similar styles. These $346 Unisex clear frames by the brand come close to what Nas rocked in the scene:

Get them here.

Siyam left a comment on Rihanna’s Esquire UK Snapshot, saying, “Loving her swimsuit and want one like it.”

“Claire, Faith, and Jihan help a girl out! :)”

Yep! Rihanna was actually styled in lingerie by Agent Provocateur, including their $148 Fishnet Bubbles Bra and $250 Briefs. Get her saucy pieces, plus a few more Agent Provocateur items here:

And lastly, Marie-Claire says, “Those sunglasses are as big as they’re fly!”

” I want to know where to get them!!!”

I’m not sure (and it’s hard to tell because she’s smiling), but my guess is that Beyonce rocked a pair of $445 Tom Ford Nico sunglasses while filming the making of Revel:

The shape is certainly similar, no? At any rate, get them, plus other sunglass options to get a similar look with these:

We’ll solve Wardrobe Queries if we can in separate posts, so we’ll end with a few Unsolved Mysteries!
Kia writes, “I saw this gold tie on Lala’s instagram pictures.”

” I googled it and can’t find it. Please help!!”

Meredith says, “I am a fan of Jill Scott. Monday I watched her episode on StoryTeller Vh1 and fell in love with this earrings.”

“Where can I find them? They’d be a great birthday gift to myself.”

Georgia says, “Could you please help me find out what brand of glasses she’s wearing?”

“I searched around but didn’t find anything, I would be really greatfull if you could help me.”

And lastly, Evi says, “Plz can’t u help me I need them in my life!”

Please help Evi!!
At any rate, stay tuned for our Fashion Bomber today (yes, we’re featuring a dude), and more fashionable fun.
You’re gonna love it.


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