Mail Bombs: Denise Vasi’s Adidas Brooklyn Nets Snapback Hat, Alicia Keys’s Theodora & Callum Scarf, and Jay-Z’s Barclays Center Olivier Leather Sleeve Sweatshirt

Happy Friday!!
I still haven’t had time to really rest and unpack from Fashion Week, and I can’t wait for the weekend to get to it!
First, of course, Mail Bombs.
Let’s take a look:
Migdale says, “ I am so in love with the Brooklyn hat Denise Vasi wore to see Jay-Z at Barclay center.”

“…For some reason I cannot find this style anywhere. Can you please help?”

I’m more in love with her nails! At any rate, Denise repped for BK at the Barclays center in a $23 Brooklyn Nets hat by Adidas:

You probably couldn’t find it because it’s available in very limited quantities. Only five are left in stock at Get yours before they sell out here.

Next up, Stephanie writes, “Where can I get this scarf Alicia Keys has on?”

“I love it!”

Yep! Alicia Keys loves Theodora & Callum scarves, and slipped on a $175 fringed Navy Tiger Scarf from the brand:

Get yours here.

Mike types,“Where can I get this sweater Jay-Z has on?”

Jay-Z toasted to the good life in a sweater with removable leather sleeves by Olivier.

The pieces are available exclusively at Atrium in New York. Visit the store at 644 Broadway New York, NY 10012, call them at (212) 473-9200, or contact the designer himself at

Jade says, “Please ID Alycia Bellamy’s top.”

“… I swear I’ve seen it before but can’t put my finger on it. I know you ladies will work your magic. Thankssss!”

Now who is Alycia Bellamy? I wasn’t able to find her exact top, though this $38 Baroque Crop from Nasty Gal has a similar design:

I’m suspecting they are by the same designer and perhaps the short sleeved version is no longer available? At any rate, get the long sleeved option at

Harrison says, “I’m looking for this gray and red striped “M” sweater T.I. wore in Chicago when he was being honored as the grand marshall.”

According to, T.I. accepted the honor in a $100 Nike BB51 Collection Stadium Crew Men’s Sweatshirt:

Get it at

Lastly, Jinelle says, “Can you please find the designer of this pink dress Lianne la Havas has on as well as the designer of her shoes. Thank you.”

Reader Erica wrote in with the scoop, saying, “The dress is by Aqua.” A quick search on the site uncovered this $300 Pink Lemonade Bergman dress (and about a million other dresses I must have!):

It’s coming soon. Go to to inquire.

In a wardrobe query, Katia writes, “So my sugar plum is finally getting married to his partner. Yay!! So he wants a sequin jacket similar to this jacket by Dolce & Gabbana last season.”

“… I have been looking all over online to find something similar for him but can’t find anything! It would bring a smile to his face if he has this before his wedding.”
Congrats to your sugar plum! I found the following sequined blazers for men:

Hopefully the silver one can get a pass?

Lauren types, “My 21st Birthday party is coming up and my outfits consists of a backless bodysuit similar to the one attached.”

… However, I’m a D cup and have no idea on how to wear such a piece and still have my girls in the right place without straps hanging out everywhere. Is there a solution for me or should I just stay away from backless tops altogether?”
Hey! I’ve dealt with a similar issue, when wearing this backless dress for our Sequins and Suits holiday party:

For the occasion, I opted for a Le Mystere Dos Nu Bra from Saks:

The regular front supports the girls, while it has a elastic back that can be pushed down so you don’t see straps in the back. My dress was pretty structured, so I didn’t need a *ton* of support. That said, if your bodysuit requires you to be held at attention all night, I’d maybe try to find something else! At any rate, try the Dos Nu bra yourself to be sure. Get it at or better yet, visit a Saks in your area, bring your bodysuit, and try them on together to see how it feels.

Now for some Unsolved Mail Bombs!

Sam writes, “Can you help me find the brand of the denim shirt future was wearin in turn off the light video.”

Raven types, “Where can I get this jacket? I just love it!”

Leave a comment if you know the score!
I’m off to conquer the piles of clothes all over my apartment.
Have *amazing* weekends and stay tuned for more stylish fun.


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