Happy Early Halloween Y’all!
What are you dressing up as, what are you doing?
I waited until the very last minute to get my costume, so ended up with a not-so-great option because my first choice, Wonder Woman, was sold out at Party City (ha). I’m going to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show tonight with my sisters, so I’ll get a chance to rock it. Stay tuned for Twitpics (maybe).
At any rate I have a full day ahead of me before tonight’s festivities. Thankfully Vuitton pitched in to solve a few Mail Bombs. Let’s go!
First up, Kameela liked Ciara’s dress from yesterday’s Week in Chic:

She said, “Where did Ciara get her dress?”
A quick search found Ciara was wearing this Twist Front Dress from Jasmine de Milo’s Fall 2010 Ready to Wear Collection:

Find price and buying info here.

In another Ciara Mail Bomb, Jennifer loved the songstresses’ military style blazer in this picture:

She says,“Can you tell me who makes it and a few less expensive options?”
Ciara blessed her birthday lunch with her bestie in this $2,530 Balmain Military Green Jacket With Applications:

Get it plus the look for less with these options:

Next, Arielle writes, “Hi, I saw these pants on Dawn Richard for the Icons Magazine feature.”

” Can you please tell me where I can find them, or a similar look for less? Thanks a bunch!”

Vuitton says, “Hey Arielle! It turns out Dawn is wearing a pair of side draped trousers by designer Hernan Lander.”

“There aren’t any prices on the website www.hernanlander.com, but you can check it out to see if you can e-mail someone to find out the cost. If not, below are some options that are pretty affordable.”

Gen says, “You recently featured a Mail Bomb on Sheree from RHOA wearing a Brian Lichtenberg dress. The picture you featured had Shree standing next to her hairstylist Lawrence, who is wearing a red, puff sleeve jacket. I love his jacket!”

” I’m wondering whether you can identify this jacket for me, or know of something similar?”

Unfortunately I couldn’t find his exact jacket, but you can get his hot red look with these:

In a wardrobe query, Timothy says, “I’m looking for a nice leather jacket. I saw this jacket that Trey Songz wore in his ‘Say Aah’ video.”

“…I would really like to own that jacket or something like it. Can you please help me?”

Vuitton says, “Sure! While we couldn’t find the exact jacket, we came across an array of options for you to pick and choose from. Take a look below!”

Lastly, we’ve received a record number of Mail Bomb inquiring about leopard booties like the Christian Louboutin Leopard Lipsikes Booties Janet Jackson wore on 106 & Park (and like Ciara and Kim Kardashian both wore earlier this year):

Behold, every leopard bootie for every budget currently in stores (UK readers, we’ve got you covered too!):

I’m off to the gym before finding a few accessories for my Halloween costume.
Be sure to leave comments telling me what you’re dressing up as:)
Have fun!
Until Monday…


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