Mail Bombs: Cassie’s Instagram Nike Printed Leggings, Nicki Minaj’s Powerhouse 106 Concert McQ by Alexander McQueen Mesh Panel Black Ribbed Crop Top, and Selena Gomez’s Malibu Urban Outfitters Arched Metal Mix Sunglasses!

I’m in rainy Paris, settling in for a day of writing!
I’m almost glad the weather is so abyssmal–it makes it easier to stay inside and solve Mail Bombs.
Let’s do it!
First up, Becky says, “Recently, I have been looking around for some cool, unique workout gear and these came along.”

cassie instagram nike printed leggings
“… I was wondering where I can find these leggings Cassie posted on her instagram.”

Cassie included a host of hashtags in her caption under the picture, writing, “Let’s go work out!#aquahydrate #givenchy #illsteva #nike #sweatitout
Well, her water is Aquahydrate, her clutch is Givenchy, Sunglasses Illsteva, and so I deduced her leggings were Nike! The printed pieces are from the brand’s Holiday 2012 collection:
nike-women-holiday-2012-collection-lookbook-01 cassie instagram printed
Since it’s currently Summer 2013, the leggings are no longer available:( Check Nike’s current selection of leggings at

Next up, Tanisha writes, “I love this top Nicki wore during her and Chris Browns set at Powerhouse.”

0 Nicki Minaj's Powerhouse 106 Concert McQ by Alexander McQueen Mesh Insert Black Crop Top
” Where’s it from?”

Nicki loves her some Alexander McQueen, and sidled up to the label’s McQ diffusion brand for her performance. The top in question? Their $330 Mesh Panel Ribbed Tank:
nicki minaj powerhouse 106 concert chris brown set mcq-by-alexander-mcqueen-black-black-mesh-panel-rib-tank-product-1-7959394-851415005_large_flex
Unfortunately, it’s sold out in black, but you can still grab it in dark blue at Get it here (but act fast–they only have one size XS left!).

Phylicia says, “Hi I’m trying to find out the brand name of the sunglasses Selena Gomez is wearing in this picture.”

“… Can you help?”

Yep! Selena hit the Malibu beach in a pair of $16 Arched Metal Mix Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters:
Cheap and Chic! Get ’em here.
Noella says, “I hope you can help me! I wanted to know if you could please help me find out what kind of shoes Kendrick Lamar has on in this BET commercial for the 2013 awards.”
kendrick lamar shoes bet awards 2013
“I know they’re Nike, but I wanted to know if you could locate any more specifics as to a better description of them, the price, and where to find them.”
I was stumped, but thankfully Hahaha wrote in with the scoop, saying, “Kendrick Lamar is wearing Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke Vachetta in tan.”
Yep! Here they are:
Get details on them here.
In a wardrobe query, Angel writes, “I’ve been following your blog for years! I got stumped trying to locate the designer of this ensemble and I thought who else to ask but you!”

topshop safari party crop aztec neon top and pencil skirt
” Can you please tell me who makes these pieces?”

Yep! The young lady in the picture above is wearing a Topshop set comprised of a $28 Safari Crop Top and Geometric Print Tube Skirt:

topshop safari crop top
topshop geometric print tube skirt
Cute! Get her top here and her skirt at Nordstrom.
Now, time for Unsolved Mail Bombs!
Quite a few of you were enamored with Keri Hilson’s printed crop top, including Janine, who wrote, “Can you help me identify this shirt?”
keri hilson
Lastly, Semaj types, “I’ve been dying to know where can I find the shirt the guy on the right is wearing I’ve searched hi and low please help me!!!”
love thy neighbour t-shirt

I wish I had more time to search, but I still have today’s Bomber and Bombshell to upload, along with our contest winner! So hopefully one of you will chime in.
Once we get a few of our features out of the way, I’ll add in a few more Mail Bombs;)
Until then, enjoy, and have great weekends!


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