Mail Bombs: Brandy’s NARM Awards Versace Studded Suede and Mesh Platform Sandals and Valentino Rockstud Flap Clutch, Draya Michele’s Denim Mini Dress, and Po Johnson’s Pynk Mag Jad Ghandour Gold Jacket!

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Of course no Friday would be complete without weekly Mail Bombs. Let’s get to solving!
First up, Dida writes, ” Hi! I’m wondering what designer makes the shoes and handbag Brandy had on at the NARM event – they were amazing!!!!!!!?”

” Please let us know…. Her new look is killing, she is back and I’m loving it!”

Ok! Brandy debuted a new curly look in a black leather dress accented by $1,835 Versace Studded suede and mesh platform sandals:

The transparent and black dégradé lucite wedge heels measures approximately 7 inches with a 2.5 inch platform. She finished the look with a $1,495 Valentino VaVa-Voom Flap Bag:

Get her shoes here and her bag here. Ok, Brandy, we see you, gworl!

Danielle writes, “I would really like to know where Draya got her jean dress…”

“… she wore it with shaunie on her instagram photo @drayaface…please help me.”

Yep! We found that Draya was rocking this $50 Redopin Sleeveless Distressed Denim Dress from

Unfortunately the dress is no longer available. This $123 short denim dress by Diesel has a similar look:

If that’ll work, get it here.

Lola types, “Hi, I recently saw excerpts of a Po Johnson interview and photoshoot, and one of her outfits I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!”

“If you could please tell me where i could find the outfit, it would be much appreciated!”

Po was styled for Pynk Magazine in sequin shorts and green patent boots accented by this gold Jad Ghandour jacket:

It may look familiar because Ashanti has worn pants from the same collection before:

Inquire about the jacket at As for the rest of the outfit? I’m at a loss. Feel free to leave a comment if y’all know the score.

Next up, Erica says, “Rocsi posted a photo on Instagram yesterday and I would love to find out who is the designer of her yellow studded leather jacket she is wearing!”

” Thanks in advance!”
Rocsi divulged that the jacket brand is called Grie and she purchased it at Intermix, but we weren’t able to find the jacket online. Find an Intermix location near you by visiting or call 1-212-741-5075 ext. 253 to inquire.

Chevelle says, “Can you plzzzzzz help me find these earrings Tyson Chandler’s wife is wearing.”

“… The outfit is hottt but I love the earrings more with that short hair cut.”

Not sure, but you can get similar earrings for a splurge or a steal here:

Nicole says, “ I’m so in love with this dress and her whole look.”

” Please help me find who makes this or any similar ideas. Thanks so much fashion bomb.”

Cassie attended the Carol’s Daughter New York launch in a $1,519 Jen Kao Cashmere/spandex Sundial Knit Dress:

Because the event was a year ago, Cassie’s dress is sold out. I haven’t been able to find anything similar, but will update once I do!

In a wardrobe query, Tia says, “I’m supposed to be going to a graduation in 2 weeks time and I need a long sleeved above knee dress in order to not offend the ultra conservatives :) I really want a bright pop of colour but I’m having no such luck finding summer dresses with sleeves.. hope you can help!”
Sure! Get a long sleeved summer look with these:

Also note that you can always top a short sleeved dress with a blazer or cardigan if you want to cover your arms.

Miki types, “I finally caved and splurged on this DVF I’ve been coveting for months! Now that I have it, I’m confused on how to style it!”

” I need your help eek!”

The dress is such a showstopper, I don’t think you need to style it very much! If you want to go for easy breezy, pop on a pair of metallic or skin toned flat sandals. Dressing up? Gold sandals and a matching clutch will do. Keep earrings small and throw on a simple pendant necklace to accent the piece’s neckline:

Tisha writes, “I am a “thick” girl- thunder thighs included. I am self-conscious about my legs. Are there any styles in which I can pull off without 1 looking like a granny or 2 displaying too much “hail damage”? Peplum has done the trick for my stomach area, but I’m wondering is there a style (like high-low skirts) that can cover my thighs. I will be anticipating your reply. Thanks a ton!”
Thunder thighs? It’ll be hard to cover those up, though I think you had the right idea with hi lo hems. Dark colors tend to be slimming, so indulge in a few skirts in black or navy:

What do you guys think?
Now for some unsolved Mail Bombs!

“I NEED THIS IN MY LYFE ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Lastly, Jay writes, “Just would like to know where I can get Meagan Good’s shirt?”

“… It’s giving me flashbacks from my childhood :)”

That does it! I have an interview for an amazing opportunity today. If you could send out your prayers and good vibes for me, I’d really appreciate it:)
Wish me luck and have great weekends!


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