Mail Bombs: Brandy’s Album Release Party Ssur Comme des F*ck Down Tee, Kim Kardashian’s Louise Golden Show Simone Varsity Jacket, and Karrueche Tran’s Smiley Face ‘Alien Boy’ Joyrich Sweatshirt

Happy Friday!
I’ve been so busy this week I haven’t been able to make it to the gym, so am gonna head out shortly to run it up on the ‘mill. First, though, we received a ton of Mail Bombs this week.
Let’s dive right on in!
Channing types, “I was recently at an album release party for Brandy and wanted to know who her shirt is by.”

“… “Comme Des F*ckdown”. I’ve seen it many times but idk where to get one from. lol.”
Hmm…you must be new to the site. Welcome! We’ve certainly written about this before, but in case you missed it, the ‘Comme des F*ckdown’ tees are from Ssur Online (

Get her shirt for $35 here.

Next up, Lovelle says, “Could you please help me find this jacket or something very similar!”

“… The material on this baseball jacket looks amaze and I’m in need of a black baseball jacket for the winter.”

Kim posed with her boo during fashion week in a $975 Simone Varsity Bomber Jacket:

Yep, it’s Kim, so it’s a splurge, but thankfully you can get the look for much less with these options:

In another KK Mail Bomb Isabella says, “Can you tell us the brand or where you can buy this black top/bra Kim Kardashian is wearing in this picture please. Thank you.”

Though I guessed the crop would be Herve Leger or Agent Provocateur, Twitter friend @Mikala_Davis tweeted us the correct info! Kim stepped out with ‘Ye in MIA in a Cushnie et Ochs Pre Fall 2012 cut out number (you can see it peeking out from underneath the model’s jacket):

Cushnie et Ochs is known to be pricey. If money is no object, inquire about the top at

Shayenne writes, “I Love Kae’s outfit here :)Im dying for it!”

“… Can you give me links or store names, where I can find everything. Mostly the sweatshirt and shorts :)”
Karrueche enjoyed her walk of shame in a Joyrich LA ‘Alien Boy’ crop top and $52 Dimepiece Designs Patchwork Shorts:

The shirt seems a bit elusive to purchase online, though is selling them here. If anything, contact the folks at JoyRich LA here to see how you can order one of your own. Get her shorts here.

After we solved Natasia’s Meek Mill Givenchy Rottweiler Sweatshirt Mail Bomb, she had a question about Ciara’s Tiger Tank:

She says, “Where can I get it?”
Ciara hit the streets in this $120 Tiger Tank by Maje:

I love it! If you do, too, get yours at
Mamikie says, “Hello , I would like to ask how can I buy one of Evelyn’s earings am a big fan . . ”

“…And am from Namibia”

Who knew Evelyn had fans in Namibia? At any rate, it’s my understanding that Ms. Evelyn is a big fan of Poparazzi earrings:

They have a host of in-your-face ear candy. Check em out at
Re writes, ” Hi, could you please tell me where to get the jacket Trina has on.”

” I love it!!”

Shout out to reader Hii_Street who pointed us to BCBG’s $1,398 Runway Misa Leather Moto Jacket:

Get Trina’s jacket from
Tiara writes, “ I am curious as to where this sweater/jacket is from. Thanks!”

Nia was at a Target event, so it only makes sense she was wearing Target brand! Reader Evelyn Marie tipped us off, directing us to this fashion steal:

Get it for $55 at
We actually had a couple wardrobe queries regarding crotch/thigh high boots!
Kimberley types, “I’m so in love with her boots, but I cant find anything like them anywhere. Can you help me?”

Diana says, “I am on the hunt for a pair of reasonably priced crotch high leather boots that won’t make me look sleazy! I’ve been on the lookout, but I’ve only been able to find patent leather stripper-esque styles. Do you know where I might be able to find a nice looking pair that won’t cost me a grip? Please let me know! :-)”

If you’re on a budget, Report Signature might be your best bet. They’re not dirt cheap, but they’re $400, which isn’t so bad for boots you’ll wear all winter:

Get the ones above here. Get more options at various price points here:

Note: Bebe and All Saints also have affordable thigh high boots!

Sade loved Emily’s B’s Ziginy Z-Jo boots so much, she bought them!

She wrote, ” I just ordered these from Nordstrom and IDK what to wear with them. Can someone please help? Thanks in advance.”
I’d say go for a relaxed vibe in dark skinnies and an oversized cream or gray sweater, or dark pants, a crop, and a denim jacket. Throw in some camo just for fun:

Nikki says, “On December 15th, I have a dance recital coming up. This is the 7th annual event and before every recital we have a cocktail hour. Every year our attire has to adhere to a specific color. This year, the color is RED. I have not been able to find a dress that will stand out and stray from the plain Jane cubicle.”

Yep! Stand out from the crowd in either a dress with a funky detail (asymmetrical hem) or even a print!
Check out what I found:

Now for Unsolved Mail Bombs!
Kimberley says, “I love the snakeskin pocket on this sweater and I must have this same sweater Teyana Taylor is wearing in this picture. Could you please help me find out where she got it?”

Esha says, “ Please tell me where I can find these dresses..Thanks!”

I normally automatically delete pix of people who aren’t celebs (please reference The Do’s and Dont’s of Mail Bombs Requests), but those are cute, so I wanna know, too! Leave a comment, lol.
That does it!
There are about…a million more Mail Bombs in my inbox, but we’ve got to get to today’s Bombshell!
Stay tuned next week for the rest.

*Update from Last Week: Amber Rose’s earrings below are by Badacious:

Peruse similar designs here.


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