Mail Bombs: Toni Braxton’s Extra Roland Mouret Black Dress and Pink Giuseppe Zanotti Peep Toes, Rihanna’s Barbados Tourism Campaign Jo De Mer Red Lace Up Bathing Suit, and Beyonce’s ‘Can I Live?” Wildfox Winona Sunglasses!

Last week was super busy, so I couldn’t get to Mail Bombs!
Thankfully today is pretty chill–take a look at what I uncovered:
First up, Beatrice writes, “Toni wore this fabulous dress and pink shoes on EXTRA with Mario Lopez yesterday.”

toni braxton extra dress giuseppe zanotti pumps
“… Who is this dress by?? ”

It looks like Toni belted a $1,995 Myrtha Folded Sheath Dress by Roland Mouret:
toni braxton extra roland mouret sheath dress black
She completed her look with $750 pink Giuseppe Zanotti peep toe pumps:
toni braxton extra giuseppe zanotti pink peep toes
ASOS used to have a look for less…
asos ponti dress
But it’s long sold out! Until they restock, get Toni’s dress at Neiman Marcus, and her shoes at Ssense.

Shawna types, “Do you know who makes the red one piece corset bikini Rihanna is wearing in the Barbados tourism campaign?
Rihanna Barbados Tourism Campaign Red Jo De Mer Bathing Suit
” If so can you please post.”

Sure! Rihanna looked super sultry in a $265 red lace up one piece by Jo De Mer. See it here in black:
Rihanna Barbados Tourism Campaign Red Jo De Mer Bathing Suit
Her suit is sold out, but perhaps try contacting the folks over at Jo De Mer to see if they’ll restock. E-mail them here.

Angie says, “We heard about the sweater, but what about them glasses?!”

Bey accented her B Side Can I Live sweatshirt with a Brooklyn Nets cap and $210 Wildfox Winona Sunglasses:
beyonce can I live wildfox-winona-sunglasses
Get ’em at Swell.

In another sunglasses Bomb, Nola says, “I was out and about in Hollywood and spotted Gwen Stefani and her fam at a popular dog park.”
gwen stefani mirror dior sunglasses 1

gwen stefani mirror dior sunglasses
“… I was THIS close to asking her where she got her shades/sunglasses, but thought the paparazzi,
cameras, and me shouting that question to her would have been just a bit too much. Please help! XOXOX LOVE your site!”

Love ya back! I did a little digging, and think Gwen may have been styling in these $351 Dior Dior 57th Silver O5G T5 sunglasses:
gwen stefani Dior-Sunglasses-57TH-05Gafw800fh800
Get a pair of your own at

Denaria writes, “I really love the black and white leather sleeve shirt Draya has on!”
“If u could please tell me where I can find this. Thank you!!!!”

Yakini from wrote in with the scoop, saying, “Draya’s outfit is by Brittany DeShields.” She’s right! Draya slipped on a Gizelle Top and $60 Remi skirt by the designer.
draya michele instagram leather sleeve white wrap top brittany deshields fashion style black white outfi
Her shirt is sold out, but you can get her skirt here. Contact the designer here to see when she’ll restock!
Jessica says, “Can you please tell me how to get the jeans this football wife is wearing at the ProBowl. I’m in love!”

Yep! Roselyn contacted us on Twitter to tell us her jeans were from Armani Exhange!
probowl colored jeans geometric triange patchwork jeans
Cop her colorful bottoms on sale for $79 here.

Jordan types, “Know what brand Flocka’s hoodie is?”

Flocka is wearing a hoodie by indie brand Noche & Diem:
waka flocka noche diem aztec sleeve hoodie mtv style blue sleeve black hoodie nike
To order, contact the designer at NocheAndDiem@Gmail.Com.

Jay writes, “I am smitten with this outfit worn by Freema Agyeman, who plays Larissa in the new hit series, the Carrie Diaries. It appeared in the most recent episode this past Monday called Lie to Me.”

carrie diaries
… I am a big Sex and the City fan and this new show is definitely doing Carrie justice in the fashion department especially since I have read that the costume designer is from one of my favorite departed shows, Gossip Girl. Either way, I have looked far and near to see if this outfit was featured on the Internet to get a clear picture however, I was unsuccessful and I did the next best thing that anyone desperate of fashion woes would do! I watched the video on my iPhone and did my best to screen capture clear shots of the outfit. I hope that you can help me and that I have provided as much information and pictures to help with the search. Thanks in advance and cheers!”
Ok! Well the jacket certainly looked familiar! I saw it while previewing Alice + Olivia’s Spring 2013 collection. Here’s an image of it I found on Lyst:
It’s currently on sale for $584 from $897 at Forward by Elyse Walker. Her necklace looks like Noir’s $220 Sobat Triple Strand Beaded Necklace (I wore a similar one to accept my Mirror Mirror award).
noir sobat triple strand necklace
Piece the rest of her outfit together with these separates:

Lastly, Archel says, “ I would really love to know about these jeans Elle Varner instagrammed about a week ago!”

elle varner favorite jeans
“… The detailing and the pocket structure looks amazing for us curvier women. Any help you can offer would be
great. Thanks. xx”

Not sure, but you can get the look with these options:

That does it for today!
I’m off to upload today’s Bomber & Bombshell.
Stay tuned!


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