Rumor Mill: Is Kim Kardashian Shooting for Vogue?

Kanye West has reportedly been pleading with Anna Wintour these past few months to put his boo Kim Kardashian on the cover of Vogue. It sounds like all of Kanye’s campaigning has delivered results, because according to Jezebel, a “well-placed source” told them that Kim Kardashian was shooting for the Fashion Bible in Los Angeles just yesterday.

Kim-Kardashian-Kanye-West-Instagram-north baby

Now, it is very likely that Kimmy’s just shooting a spread, and not the cover. But considering that West and Wintour are fairly close, and how, um, passionate Yeezy is about how his boo is represented in the zeitgeist, there’s a good chance we might see our friend Ms. Kardashian right where her fiancé wants her.

kim kardashian fashion shoot
If it’s true, I must say, I will accept no less than the September issue for Kerry Washington, whose Vogue cover is long overdue.

What say you, Bombers and Bombshells? Would you like to see a Kim K Vogue cover?




Photos: Pacific Coast News, Kim Kardashian Instagram, Getty

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