Jewelry Bomb: Eddie Borgo Fall 2013


Eddie Borgo travels back to ancient Egypt for his Fall 2013 collection, chock full of baubles that one might have found in Cleopatra’s jewelry chest.

eddie-borgo-fall-2013-pharoah-ring eddie-borgo-fall-2013-wing-scarab-neckpiece eddie-borgo-fall-2013-cyprus-bracelet eddie-borgo-fall-2013-horn-bracelet eddie-borgo-fall-2013-horus-drop-earrings

From Eyes of Horus motifs to scarabs, the designs are akin to pieces you might see behind the glass at a natural history museum.

eddie-borgo-fall-2013-winged-scarab-cuff eddie-borgo-fall-2013-horus-collar

eddie-borgo-fall-2013-winged-scarab-drop-earrings eddie-borgo-fall-2013-winged-scarab-hinged-ring eddie-borgo-fall-2013-horus-cuff eddie-borgo-fall-2013-horus-ring

Chain links give a modern and industrial flair to statement necklaces.

eddie-borgo-fall-2013-pyramid-link-necklace eddie-borgo-fall-2013-horn-pendant eddie-borgo-fall-2013-inlaid-skeleton-key-pendant-necklace eddie-borgo-fall-2013-moon-neckpiece

In ancient Egypt, jade was revered as a stone representing balance, harmony, love, and peace, and it is used here on eye-catching wristwear, as well as being juxtaposed against other stones including onyx and howlite.

eddie-borgo-fall-2013-peaked-link-bracelet eddie-borgo-fall-2013-inlaid-bezel-plate-bracelet eddie-borgo-fall-2013-intersecting-horn-cuff

Halloween might be more than half-a-year away, but Borgo is urging you to indulge in a pavé and scarab accented mask, sure to strike up a few conversations.


Though I love a head-turning piece, my favorite accoutrements in the collection are of the simpler variety, for everyday wear.

eddie-borgo-fall-2013-jackal-cuff eddie-borgo-fall-2013-cyprus-studs eddie-borgo-fall-2013-inlaid-drop-earrings

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Any pieces catch your eye?


Faith Cummings is a senior editor and staff writer for Fashion Bomb Daily.

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