Hey everyone! So sorry I couldn’t post my recaps the night of, but my life has been on 100 for the past three days straight.

Now that I’m back home, I’ll combine the events of Tuesday and Wednesday together for you! So after a long night of shows and getting home super late (the inevitable happened and I got lost on the train at 1 am), I woke up Tuesday morning to Grammy footage needing to be covered on the site. So while I’m on the East Coast writing show reviews for Fashion Week, we’re also tackling outfit details over on the West Coast! Talk about a strong team!


Jame-Life-Day-5-RecapNeedless to say, I was exhausted from the day before and made it a day of working on online content before heading to our first ever FashionBombDaily x CCW initiative with Shop Jesse Queen.  I thought to myself, Claire would be here soon, everything would go perfect, life would be swell.


The phone rings. Claire’s flights been delayed and I’ve been tasked with some errands to run before the event. Okay…*breathes deeply* Game time.Jame-Life-NYFW-Day-5-Recap-Shop-Jesse-Queen-Jame

After running errands throughout the day, I headed into the city to the venue to make sure everything was going well before showtime. Sam met me there, and with nowhere to get dressed, I hid in the bathroom. I attempted to put makeup on with the lighting, which was EXTREMELY bad (the fact I even looked decent and not like a clown is nothing short of miraculous folks).Jame-Life-NYFW-Day-5-Recap-Shop-Jesse-Queen-BathroomJame-Life-NYFW-Day-5-Recap-Shop-Jesse-Queen-bakery-treats

A few hours in, we got word that Mama Claire was in the house, so we definitely got the party started! June Ambrose, Tyson Beckford, Ty Hunter and so many more came out to show love to the collection, which I personally enjoyed viewing as the pieces were versatile and quite timeless. Ty was gracious enough to provide Ty-Lites for the models throughout the night, so I was able to photo of them all using their light for a photo. Now I definitely need one!Jame-Life-Day-5-Recap-Shop-Jesse-Queen-Ty-LiteJame-Life-NYFW-Day-5-Recap-Shop-Jesse-Queen-Tyson-Beckford

So many of you guys recognized me and came and chatted it up with me, which I definitely appreciated! I was happy I could talk about Fashionbombdaily, being an all-hands-on intern (one of you called me Andy from The Devil Wears Prada, but I can assure you, Claire is not a Miranda Priestly) and pursuing dreams and aspirations both in media and in editorial. You guys are actually awesome and the love was amazing!Jame-Life-Day-5-Recap-FacebookJame-Life-Day-5-Recap-Shop-Jesse-Queen-Selfie

The night ended with some time spent out on the town, catching up with Claire and dining with friends for my last official night in New York. I have to say, I won’t miss the weather but I will miss the food…Jame-Life-NYFW-Day-5-Recap-Shop-Jesse-Queen-Claire-Cares

One would THINK that’d be the end of the work, but oh would they be wrong! Wednesday morning I woke up bright and early, gathering my last minute items before heading out to two fashion shows back to back. Naeem Khan and Mohapatra both took place at Moynihan Station off 33rd street, and it was fascinating to see the juxtaposition of the two designers. I definitely loved them both. Show-Review-Naeem-Khan-Fall-2016-5Show-Review-Naeem-Khan-Fall-2016-29Personally, Khan took it home for me, as his collection had a lot of golds, embellishments and color, so it’s right up my alley! Also, this year they partnered with the Make-A-Wish foundation, so a young lady was able to live out her fashion dreams and walk the runway with him! I was literally in tears.Show-Review-Naeem-Khan-Fall-2016-makeawish In the spirit of the collection, I opted for this Indian-inspired brown dress I had, with cream lace trimming around the edges and burnt orange embellishments. I kept it relaxed with matching orange earrings and kept my hair up in a bun after snagging random locs the day before with my purse. Ouch!Jame-Life-NYFW-Day-5-Recap-Mohapatra-Naeem-Khan

After my shows, Claire let me know she was speaking on a panel over on Broadway, so I decided to tag along. Not only was she bomb, but the other panelists were able to also speak to the changing world of media, blogging and social media presence. I think I can say everyone walked away with new knowledge of some sort (and isn’t that the whole point?). Jame-Life-Day-6-Recap-Claire-Sulmers
0 claire sulmers fashion bomb daily lexus 2 Speaking at Viacom and Attending a Fashion Presentation in an Ashaka Givens Hat, Ann Demeulemeester Shirt, and Le Victoria White Pants
All in all, I’m so happy about NYFW which taught me about so much more than just fashion on the runway. Aside from the fact many of you now have a face to my name, I learned how vital things such as hard work, tenacity, and perseverance are to the things you want in life. To be entrusted with such a huge task as New York Fashion Week is something I never took lightly, but I enjoyed every single moment of it and was glad to share it with you.

Hope you guys enjoyed the diary series and stay tune for so much more to come on FashionBombDaily!Jame-Jackson-Diaries-Day-5-Recap-FinaleJame-Life-Day-5-Recap-Finale


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