Isabel Marant Thinks Knockoffs of Her Wedge Sneakers are “Vulgar” – Are You Over The Trend?

Designer Isabel Marant has one of the hottest labels in the world right now and where the flowers of success bloom, others are always in the shadows looking to capitalize from it. In a recent interview with Telegraph Fashion, Marant expressed disdain for those knocking off her coveted wedge sneakers stating, “Everybody who has the wrong one looks quite bitchy, very vulgar, when mine are not at all.”


I’m not sure how a pair of footwear makes one look “bitchy,” but I guess anything is possible right? Let’s be honest: Mademoiselle Marant added a wedge to an already pretty popular silhouette for a feminine flair and then beefed up the price to match the rest of her wares. Of course everyone would run to remake the styles: not only are they functional, but they’re great spins on the classic design.

isabel-marant-high-top-sneakers-in-black-pic82270 isabel-marant-bekket-sneakers

With mentions in rap songs by Rick Ross and a slew of celebs sporting the designs including Beyoncé, Nicky Hilton, Jessica Alba, and others, fast-fashion brands would have been remiss to not create the “look for less”, so that the everyday woman can look like her favorite stylish stars right?


02 nicky hilton kenzo sweater




The sneakers have been redone by every “affordable” brand out there. Other fashionable alternatives have been created by Ash and Nike, though in lace-up styles. Not sure if these two are filed under Marant’s knockoff list, but they were definitely inspired by the trend.

lala-anthony-boa-steakhouse-west-hollywood-alexander-mcqueen-skull-t-shirt-nike-wedge-sneakers cassie london Nike-Dunk-Sky-High-Liberty-OG-QS-Womens-Shoe-543217_011_A 0   Cassie's Dstrkt London Deer Dana Cindy Crawford Lip Print Tee, Acne Black and White Shearling Jacket, Leather Leggings, and Nike Liberty Dunk Wedge Sneakers nike-dunk-liberty-summer-2012


I have long been contemplating purchasing the $755 Booper Sneakers since silver metallic is such an easy shade to wear day-in and day-out, but justifying the price has been a bit difficult for me. I’ve spent more than double that on handbags, but not just yet on sneakers. Such a dilemma!

At the end of the day, I will never be over the wedge sneaker trend because I’ve never gotten over sneakers. I’ve been wearing them as long as I can remember and wedge sneakers are a new and fun alternative. I’m not sure what makes the knockoffs any more “vulgar” than Marant’s other than cheaper leather and much lower price tags, but I say buy into the trend however you choose. I surely have!

At any rate, are you over the wedge sneaker trend?

Rashida Jones Marant Sneakers Celine Bag


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Faith Cummings is a senior editor and staff writer for Fashion Bomb Daily.

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