Happy Monday everyone!
My interns are back this week to represent in a serious way! I’m going on vacay soon, so keep your eyes peeled for ‘tern posts. First up for the week is the ever fierce intern Rachel. Enjoy!
Hi everyone, Fashion Bomb intern Rachel checking in!

When you think of fembots – robots of the female persuasion, do you think of fashion? Probably not! You might remember the famous figure from Star Wars:


And the maid from the hilarious flick Spaceballs:

Quite possibly, you have seen this high-tech vodka ad:

And while it may seem that these futuristic, walking, talking machines have little to do with the world of style, recent showings by A-list stars Victoria Beckham and Beyonce reveal that the fembot is a creative inspiration.
This look is characterized by either the presence or combination of metallic shades of gold, black, and silver; sharp, tight angles; or shiny surfaces that give the impression of a rock-hard, solid exterior.

Beyonce’s recent performance on the B.E.T. awards looked like something out of Star Wars.

The highlight of the robotic performance was her pair of Balenciaga tights, from their Spring/Summer 2007 collection. Although their website no longer features this collection, these tights were rumored to cost a whopping 100K.

Source: www.frillr.com

Victoria Beckham, who is known for her fierce, ice-cold, and chilly fashion choices, is the poster child for the fembot look. The ensemble she donned recently showcases the robotic essence.

The tube top has sharp, tight lines and stiffly supports Posh’s upper-bod, reminiscent of the knife-sharp edges of a robot’s exterior. The shiny tights she wears have a machine-like gleam.

Another star donning this look is Rihanna. Although some may be experiencing Rihanna overload, there is no denying her trailblazing looks. In the recent (and probably one of the last) issues of Vibe Vixen, Rihanna flaunts metallic outfits that embrace the fembot influence.

Source: www.thatgrapejuice.net

For a real-life fembot swagger, try these looks for now:

Forever21 Striped Sequin Tank, $29.50, www.forever21.com

Forever21 Sequined Tank, $17.80, www.forever21.com

Lord and Taylor, JS Boutique Halter Top, $105.00; Sequin Skirt, $115.00, www.lordandtaylor.com

Mary L Couture Sequin Sheath, $268.00, www.nordstrom.com

Adrianna Papell Cutaway Tank Top, $140.00, www.lordandtaylor.com

Nine West Chardin Pumps, $99.00, www.ninewest.com

And just for a heads-up on some Fall looks, here are some fembot-esque pieces:

Calvin Klein Patent Leather Trench, $119.99, www.lordandtaylor.com

Burberry Prorsum Dress, from the Fall 2007 Ready-to-Wear Collection
Source: www.style.com

Dolce and Gabbana Quilted Metallic Leather Bomber Jacket, $3,995 www.eluxury.com
While some of these fall and winter pieces are outrageously priced, they do give a great idea of the metallic flavor coming up in the near season. Look for a post from me in the future about Fall ’07 trends!
OK Rachel! She might’ve gone underground for a while, but when she emerged, she came out blazin!
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