Intern 1 Cool Online Find: DIY Rainbow Shorts




There are two things I live for; a great pair of cut off shorts, and a quick and easy do-it-yourself tutorial. A few weeks ago, while browsing the web, I came across Revenge star Ashley Madekwe  in a killer pair of rainbow cut offs. I was in LOVE, and just had to have them. While there are many options available online, I knew there had to be a simple enough way for me to recreate this look at home (not to mention at a fraction of the cost). I took my search to YouTube, and lo and behold I found a how to video from blogger Andrea’s Choice. Get into it!

Items Needed:

1. An old pair of high waisted jeans

2. Pen/Marker

3. A pair of scissors

4. Metal Tongs

5. Bleach

6. Pot/Basin

7. Soda Ash (optional)

8. Tie Dye Kit





You like? I think they offer a perfect alternative to the ubiquitous blue cut offs. They’re fresh and bold. If you’d like to skip the DIY and just go ahead and purchase a pair that has already been dipped and dyed, here are some options:

What do you think?
~Intern 1

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