How to Break Into Fashion: Celebrity Stylist Becca Alexis

We’re almost 5 months into 2012, and we’ve yet to have a Breaking into Fashion interview!
Well, I decided to end the drought by profiling celebrity stylist Becca Alexis:

The University of Florida and Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising graduate has worked with everyone from Trey Songz, Mary J. Blige, and Ne-Yo to Janet Jackson, Marlon Wayans, and Jamie Foxx, styling music videos, commercials, editorials, and print advertisements. She was nice enough to take a few moments to tell you aspiring wardrobe maestros a bit about her story, and offer advice on how you can follow a similar path into the bright lights and action of celebrity styling.

She says, “My primary experiences in fashion were as an illustrator and designer. I made clothes for the various performance organizations at my college. After graduation, I decided it was time to develop those talents into an occupation, [so] I enrolled at FIDM and began working with the costumers for various TV and film productions. I knew this was something I wanted to do 3 years later while working at a costume shop where several stylists came and had costumed pieces made. I realized I wanted to combine both worlds and turn it into my brand.”

“The celebrity aspect happened by chance. My first celebrity client was Nelly. [I styled] a commercial promoting his album. I had worked with the commercial’s producer on a local LA fashion shoot and she asked me if I would come in as a stylist.”

Now, you’ll find her running to and fro, pulling items from showrooms, attending fittings, sifting through e-mails, and attending to her long roster of clients.

If you want to follow a similar path, she advises hopefuls to start small. She says, “Intern. I recommend interning for one person for at least a year to build a good foundation. The key to a successful styling career is a combination of talent, commitment, and reliability.”

“[Don’t attempt ] to microwave the path to success. Experience is not something you can hustle. Allow yourself to develop and build a foundation. Work at a magazine or a retail shop. Learn the business well and how to brand celebrities with the right looks. “

If you specifically want to work with celebrities, she says, “Be super super confident about your work. Know your fashion and develop relationships where you can call a major fashion house and get the hottest runway looks. Every vision should integrate the client’s likes and dislikes, what fits and what’s pertinent to the brand being projected. It’s a synergy of both. Perfecting it requires listening attentively and staying a step above the trends. Celebrities dictate many trends and you want your clients to convey that.

Speaking of trends and fashion, we had to ask Becca about her ten wardrobe must haves! She divulged, “An amazing black blazer. I have 3: Dolce & Gabbana, Zara, and DKNY. A classic black dress and a classic white dress. DVF wrap dresses have been ‘in’ for decades. They’re totally worth the investment. A statement necklace. Toss it with jeans and a tank top for automatic chic! Wear it with a basic dress to be noticed!”

A great hat. Bad hair days are inevitable. Sexy pumps. I’m a total shoe fanatic because its the punctuation point to an outfit. One set of sexy lingerie. The bedroom can become a runway to show off to your special someone. Pants that fit impeccably! A classic white button down shirt that can be worn with jeans, a mini skirt, and shorts with the sleeves rolled up. Spanx because great fashion needs a smooth foundation. And celebrity style shades! Some of us have dark circled eye days or just hangovers. When you want to disconnect, a great pair of dark eyewear does the trick!”
Got that? Get a few pieces here:

In closing, Becca says, ” I still feel like my career is growing. Everyday is an introduction to another layer and discovery. I have seen and accomplished many things that I am really proud of as I work towards [leaving a great] legacy. I consider mistakes a learning process and grow from there.

And to those who are in the trenches, working towards your goals, she says, “I believe we create our own destiny. I start my day visualizing everything I want to accomplish in my life. [Also], happiness is a decision not a destination. There is so much to be happy about in the moment. [Don’t] ever lose sight of all the small things that make life amazing.” Wise words!

Keep track of Becca by following her on Twitter @Beccalexis. Also, be sure to check out her video series, Five Minutes to Fab, on
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