How Do You Wear It? Fall 2012’s Baroque Flair and Ornate Embellishments Trend

So Baroque Flair and Ornate Embellishments are another hot fall trend! They involve incorporating either gilded baroque prints or deliciously bedazzled separates (think Balmain or Dolce & Gabbana).
This trend is definitely for the bold, so we didn’t have a ton of submissions.
Still, take a look at the Bombshells who took this look for a twirl:

Candyce of wrote, “I thought I’d join in on the fun and share how I wear the Baroque Flair/Ornate Embellishment look. I found this jacket last year in Goodwill, of all places! It’s kind of gaudy and I wasn’t sure how I’d rock it (or if folks would think I was insane for wearing it), but I decided to snag it anyway. Fortunately, it’s right on trend this year…at least I think it fits this trend. But you know what they say–if it ain’t baroque, don’t worry about it and feature me anyway :-)”

Chichi of wrote, “I am pretty sure this outfit would not fit the baroque bill but it is embellished! This is a recent thrift find and definitely one that has been on my list since I began thrifting 4 years ago. I love the sequins, the power shoulders, the fact that it was brand new, and most especially the price. I love a statement jacket cause you can use it to style up anything, for example an old pair of jeans and a tee.”

Lastly, Naisy Tiny of Afro Vaidosas seems to have a look for every trend! She was kind enough to send over her outfit–a gold embroidered jacket and matching heels.
See my Baroque look here.
What do you think? Whose style speaks more to you?
Next up, we have Sporty/Athletic chic! Send us your pix to to be included in one of our last installments for this fun new section!


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