Hot! or Hmm…: Sneaker Chic

It seems Rita Ora and Rihanna are single handedly spearheading their very own sneaker chic movement.

You’ll spy either one on red carpets or out and about, wearing prissy dresses or short shorts with Jordans, ditching the ridiculously high, platform heel in favor of comfortable trainers.

Of course the ‘tomboy’ aesthetic has been around in celebrity circles for years. Everyone from Kelis to Ciara and Amber Rose has been spied in Jeremy Scott sneaks, and girls like Vashtie and Teyana Taylor stay in casual wear.

But Rita and Rihanna have taken it to another level, wearing Jordans and Converses with absolutely everything. While most ladies wear a pair of sneakers to dress down, these ladies cling to athletic footwear with decidedly feminine ‘fits.

Comfort is key–why should we be killing ourselves to walk around in vertiginous heels? And as a ‘survivor’ of bunion surgery, I can tell you foot problems are not the business.

But are you down for the ‘sneaker chic’ look? Would you rock a skirt with sneakers? Is it Hot! or does it make you go Hmm….?


Claire Sulmers is the publisher and founder of Fashion Bomb Daily, the #43 most influential style magazine in the world.

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