Celebrities and notables were out this weekend, attending fashion shows and press conferences in their most stylish choices. We’ve rounded up the best, but you tell us: Were they hot or did they make you go hmm….?

Naomi Campbell sat front row at the Vivienne Westwood show in London, wearing her signature color: black. Though black can be boring, Naomi kept it interesting with a textured jacket, platform shoes, and great statement jewelry. And look, no sign of black lipliner…Hot!

Janet Jackson also attended the show, but went for more a casual look with a belted blazer, button down, and comfortable pants tucked into pointy toed lace up boots.  Janet looks a bit confused…and so are we. We know Ms. Jackson tends to go for more office casual at fashion shows, but this outfit just seems out of place for such a fabulous celebrity and such a high wattage event. Hmmmm….

Over in DC, Michelle Obama hosted a Talent Preview for the Governor’s Ball, rocking a very chic bob hairstyle and a cute belted dress under her typical cardigan. I know we’ve taken a look at her hair before, but somehow this style looks new and hot! Michelle always does it up!

Friends like Dr. Michelle Callahan and stylist Alexander Allen gathered at Lollipop Brunches in New York for a surprise birthday celebration for Selita Ebanks. Selita was clearly caught a bit off guard–she rocked her black knit cap for the duration of the party. But even with a bad hair day, she managed to look hot thanks to her skinny jeans, cute Louboutin pumps, and chic sunglasses.

Lastly, back in London, Gabourey Sidibe rolled out for The Orange British Academy Film Awards Nominee Party. She looks happy and lovely in a deep blue dress set off by silver flats. I’ll defer to Danielle regarding the makeup, but I think Gabby has been stepping it up stylewise–the dress is hot! The color and silhouette are supremely flattering.

What say you?



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