Beauty Hot! or Hmm…: Critics’ Choice and Golden Globe Hair and Makeup


Danielle here to cast an informed eye on the beautiful stars who came out this weekend for awards shows.

Let’s see how they dressed up their hair and makeup, shall we?

Everyone’s favorite girl next door (and basketball team cheerleader if you follow the gossip), actress Gabrielle Union looked as if she swallowed a glass of sunshine at the BET Honors (did this air already? Chile, I haven’t turned to BET in a month of Sundays). Her glowing skin and minimal makeup complemented by her wispy lashes was definitely hot.

And check out mama’s bumped bangs, bun, and ponytail combo that under other circumstances may have received a blank stare, but Gabby seems to work it. Hot!

The Queen also blessed the BET Honors with her presence. The easy, breezy Cover Girl looked gorgeous with her soft ringlets and glowing skin, but something about the lip color and under eye area was a bit off. That’s nothing a quick swipe of a Q-tip and a brighter lip color couldn’t have cured.

Look at those curls from the side! HOT! I definitely must copy (and then act like I never saw these pics and came up with it myself).

Over at the Critics’ Choice Awards, actress and mommy-to-be Paula Patton and her cute baby bump were spotted on the red carpet. She definitely has that expecting glow about her (or maybe it’s just bronzer *shrugs*) which is why I’m confused as to why so much blush? Hmm…

Avatar star Zoe Saldana made her way down the red carpet at the Critics’ Choice Awards while looking absolutely gorgeous with her gold glitter adorned eyes and rosy blush and gloss. Though she does look hot, I think the Dominican and Puerto Rican beauty could have gone a bit deeper in color as well as more defined with the lips.

Gabourey Sidibe was also spotted at the Critics’ Choice. I’m loving her smoky eye and her hair, but feel like her face isn’t “finished”. Perhaps a brighter blush color for her chocolate skin and some contouring to bring out her cheekbones are in order.

Picking up awards left and right, Mo’Nique stepped out at the Critics’ Choice with her face beat to the clouds (by makeup master Sam Fine, of course). Between the fierce eyes and contoured face, I’m fainting all over the place (and I didn’t mention her brows or how her cheeks are literally popping off her face). Hottttttt to the infinity power!

Mariah Carey brought out her Golden Globes—I mean, was at the Golden Globes–and um, I’m sorry—I’m so distracted. I didn’t notice she has on makeup. Where am I?

And finally we have Golden Globe winner Mo’Nique again looking ravishing with her Sam Fine face beat. The look is natural yet fierce. Hot!

But um, these manly, hairy legs on the red carpet, Mo? Hmm…

What do you think?


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