Hot! or Hmm… Beyoncé’s Feisty New Look

In the span of less than a week Beyoncé has revealed a new ‘do, joined Instagram under the handle @BaddieBey, and is now rocking a fly set of grills.

The superstar gained over 100 thousand followers in less than an hour on Instagram after posting her first picture, which showcased her sporting a “Texans for Obama” tee. When the election results came in, she quickly took to her Tumblr and BaddieBey profile to upload a “Take That Mittens” photo, sparking mixed reactions from the viewing public; ultimately the singer removed the image from both sites.

Her fans were then given a treat as she shared a few more photos on Tumblr of her rocking her favorite Obama earrings, gold rings, and her latest accessory, grills.

It seems quite a few people are having a difficult time accepting this more “real” and “down-to-earth” Beyoncé. After quickly scanning her comments on Instagram, I came across statements like, “Really Beyoncé? You just lost a fan,” and “She’s fake”. Not to be left out, Fashion Bomb Daily reader Choco aka Hipppie added, “I think Beyonce looked immature doing that [on] Instagram and posing so-called gangsta – Personality or not she is still lacking in common sense!”. There were others across the web bold enough to claim she was biting BadGalRiRi’s steeze.

I’ll be transparent, I’m here for every bit of this. While this persona may come across as being “new” for many, those of us who have been fans since her days in Destiny’s Child know this side of her good and well.

With a new album on the horizon, and a Super Bowl performance in the works, she clearly means business for her next era, and is taking no prisoners.

What do you think? Are you feeling this feisty new Queen Bey?



Images: Instagram/Tumblr

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