Hot! or Hmm… Adrienne Bailon’s Empire Girls Miami Monokini

Adrienne Bailon was spotted on a Miami beach alongside Julissa Bermudez, filming for their upcoming reality show Empire Girls. The former 3lw frontwoman was rocking a very… interesting monokini for the occasion. The high-cut, space-age contraption features a gold ring, strong shoulders, and little peplum flaps at the waist.

Maybe I’m just old school, or a lazy beach dresser, but this seems like a lot of look just to get some sun & sea. The swimsuit sleeves make her look a little stocky, and the thick hoops and embellished shades are a bit much. I guess she felt she needed to be stylin’, because she’s filming, but she could have gone with a less dramatic maillot and still looked camera-ready.

…But maybe you guys have a different opinion.
What say you, Bombers and Bombshells?

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