Hot! or Hmm… Jhene Aiko’s Blonde Faux Locks

Happy Thursday everyone! This week has been crazy! Still reeling from the internship excitement, I figured it would awesome to feature one of my favorite artists right now – Jhene Aiko. On Wednesday, the songstress took to Instagram to debut a new hairstyle: blonde dreads.



It seems that the starlet was inspired by the 1997 film, The Fifth Element. Her blonde dreads are made of yarn and, despite the questionable response of fans, she’s rocking them effortlessly.




So, what do you think? Are the blonde dreads a hit or miss?

I’m still on the fence about this one but, regardless of the hair, I will STILL jam Sail Out!

For more Jhene, visit her IG @jheneaiko.


Signing Out — Intern 9

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