Hot! or Hmm…: Nicole Richie’s New Purple Hair Color

Ever had the urge to switch up your hair color but were so afraid that the new color would make you look either strikingly Hot! or shamefully Hmm…? Well, I suppose that was Nicole Richie’s predicament last week when she posted a photoshopped pic on Instagram showcasing a new lavender hue.


This time around, the stunning House Of Harlow designer appears to have finally taken the plunge to spruce up her look.


It’s sleek and she’s accessorized to the hilt. I’m here for it, but what say you?


*Other celebs have tried purple on for size, most notably Kelly Osbourne:
kelly osbourne purple hair
It’s a pretty color!

Giselle Williams-Thomas

Giselle Williams-Thomas is a Celebrity Style Editor and Staff Writer for Fashion Bomb Daily.

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