• Hot! or Hmm…: Ciara’s Dreadlocked Hairstyle

    Ciara took to Instagram over the weekend to debut a new ‘do: dreadlocks.
    Ciara dreadlocks
    Her faux coils are about waist length, and are tressed in blond and brown tones.
    4 Ciara dreadlocks

    Singers change their looks all the time, but while braids are de rigeur, not too many go the locked route.
    3 Ciara dreadlocks

    I’m definitely not used to seeing her this way, but think she looks beautiful. One of her followers said she looked like Lisa Bonet. I can see that.
    2 Ciara dreadlocks

    What do you think of her post baby look?

    Ciara dreadlocks


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