Show Review: Heatherette Spring 2009

Hey hey,
So yesterday Shameek and I made our way to the Heatherette show.
The scene was hectic outside!
The line wrapped around the corner and it didn’t help that it was raining!
After waiting for about half an hour, we finally got in standing room, and literally had to climb the bleachers to get a good seat! I injured myself climbing up, no lie–but anything for fashion!
There were a few celebs sitting front row.
Tyson’s fine self was in the house…

as was Evan Ross…
Brittany Gastineau (remember that show the Gastineau Girls?)…
And Mya came (second from right)…
Doesn’t she look bored???
Anyway the show opened with a cute performance by Lil Mama.

I got a bit of video, and this time around remembered to keep my camera right side up! Check it out:

It was pretty cute.
The show itself really made me question my whole ‘lack of ethnic models theory. Chanel Iman opened the show, and the first 10 models that walked were black…

Heatherette’s theme was “Born in the USA” and they seemed to have an air of inclusivity.
The white models had their hair coiled to look a bit like dreads…

men carried purses…

It was as if they were saying America encompasses everyone–including people of varied backgrounds…

and sexual orientations…

I cosign!
Check out the Final Walk:

Heatherette was a fun show (even though I’d hesitate to wear any of those repurposed 80’s prom dresses!
Today is the last day of Fashion Week…I’m definitely going to need a vacation!
PS Special thanks to Charmaigne!


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