Giambattista Valli Fall 2012 Couture

It’s hard to believe Giambattista Valli presented his very first couture collection only a year ago. How quickly things have changed in that time! In less than 12 months, the designer went from couture rookie to certified couturier, now on his third couture collection. And like the other two, this one is just as inspiring, just as dramatic– and will surely have women running directly to the atelier.

A flower garden seems an unlikely source of inspiration for a fall collection, but it is what largely informed Valli’s designs this season. Dresses were printed with blooms in jewel-toned pinks, oxblood reds, and leafy greens.

The interpretation didn’t end there. Each gown took on the shape of a giant blossom: architectural oversized peplums swooped around waistlines, fluttering down models’s hips. Layers upon layers of ruffled fabric mimicked the delicate shape of flower petals, bringing a welcome dose of drama to each look.

Being the master tailor he is, each dress managed to flatter in spite of their volume. Waists were cinched to a T, peplums fell squarely to conceal any “trouble” areas, and large sculpted ruffles made the hips look slimmer, even with their sizable presence.

Valli took the flower garden theme a step further, accessorizing his looks with golden leaf and butterfly necklaces and bracelets. But the standout accessories have to be the mesh veils, adorned with butterflies perched delicately at the lips and foreheads of each model.

All in all, it was yet another successful offering from Valli. Each look is more covetable than the last, and I wager we’ll see many a starlet in these gorgeous gowns. I’m hoping those butterfly veils take a turn down the red carpet. Perhaps Rihanna might want a break from her new found grungey style, and take a walk on the elegant side? Or perhaps Valli might take interest in one Azealia Banks? I could definitely see her with a butterfly resting at her lips!

What do you think?

photos: Vogue
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