Soooo many of you wrote in asking about the jumpsuit Nicki Minaj wore in her Beez in The Trap video:

Dani wrote, “I usually don’t like anything Nicki wears, but I am loving this catsuit. Do you think you can find out who made it & where I get it (or one similar to it)?”

Of course Shatonia wrote in, saying, “Hey I love the catsuit she’s wearing. Where can I get it?”

I hesitated to answer this simply because I think something like this should only be worn in a video-some styles don’t need to translate to the streets (just my humble opinion). But hey, I’m not your mom and it’s a free country, so…yeah. At any rate, this $35 ‘Good Call’ jumpsuit from spandex laden website, “Great Glam” has the same silhouette and a banded back:

Just no leopard print. If you want something with a print, has quite a few options:

It seems GoJane might’ve had Nicki’s jumpsuit (if you squint, you can see it in this pic)…

but it is no longer available and it is now available! Visit this post

… for the details.
At any rate, get all your video vixen needs at or
If you’ve yet to see the video, check it out here (warning explicit lyrics):

*Just for fun, do you think outfits like these should be worn in the streets or kept on the stage?

*Reader Mide chimed in with this gem! She says, “I found something very similar while browsing for basics.”

Get the leopard catsuit above at for $29.50.