Get The Look: 5 Fun Halloween Inspired Nail Designs

Halloween is just around the corner, and I’m sure you’re getting ready to slip on your best costumes! Add a festive twist to your look with these 5 fun (and easy) spooky nail designs:

1. Bloody Nails

Going as a vampire or a blood sucking zombie? Bloody nails will go with your look nicely. Start with a black or white base color, then add red polish to draw the blood on different areas. You can’t mess these up!

2. Candy Corn Nails

Take orange, yellow, and white. Paint your entire nail yellow as your base color. Once dry, paint 2/3 of the nail orange. Paint the top third of the nail white to finish.

3. Spider Web

This is a tad more advanced then the basics, but still fairly simple. Start with any base color. Take a black or white nail art pen and draw vertical lines. In the inside, draw semi circles in between two lines all the way through.
4. Boo Nails

If you have a nail art pen and can write,  you pretty much have this one down! You can start with a base color of choice and simply use a nail art pen to write different phrases like “Boo!” or anything else that may go with your costume.
5. Orange & Black Crackle

If all else fails, you can always swipe a coat of black crackle polish over an orange base.

Get the look here:

Will you be trying any of the above?

What are your favorite Halloween inspired nails to try?

~Lexi from
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