On Garner Style: Please Excuse my Blackness

So last night, I was trolling around for fly Fashion Bomb readers wearing Shop Candy Bomb tees (where y’all at?), and came across an interesting post on Fashion Bombshell Chastity Garner’s site called, ‘Please Excuse my Blackness.”
garner style candy bomb andre leon talley t-shirt
Apparently a few of her white Facebook readers were not pleased with how many models of color she featured on her Facebook page, and asked, “Why are most of your models black? There are some pretty white girls that are big too. Just asking!” She wrote, “…On any give occasion I do my usual rounds at the drugstore check out to pick up fashion magazine and there can be six different magazines with six different white faces on the cover. Now I wonder if any of these commenters went over to the Facebook pages of Vogue, Glamour, and/or Elle and commented on the similarity of their models. Did they ask why are there so few people of color on your pages? Why is diversity, in this case, only important when it comes to diversifying in the interest of a white person? “

elle us august 2014
August 2014 covers of Glamour and Elle

She went on to say, “It’s important to see your images portrayed in media. While those two ladies wanted to see themselves on my little space on Facebook, I think their own prerogative didn’t allow them to think about what they were saying and maybe the insensitivity of their comments to me as a black fat woman who rarely sees her own imagery except on the Facebook page she calls home. This brings me to the t-shirt that I am wearing in the photo… In the end, it’s all about having choices. So to those two commenters, I say feel free to take what you need from my blog, but you should also research bloggers that you feel that represent you racially, because you will always have the choice to find your imagery in abundance. Me, on the other hand, I will have to take the images that I am rationed or create my own.”
chastity garner shop candy bomb andre leon talley t-shirt
All I can say is: Amen sister! Though we’ve diversified over the past few years, we still get flack, particularly on Instagram, about the amount of black women, models, and celebs we feature. But the fashion world is still far from diverse, and we’re doing our part to showcase that beauty comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes.
At any rate, head on over to Chastity’s blog to read more here. Just sharing a good read!


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