Found: Chrisette Michele’s Charades Ted Lapidus Paris Black and White Two Tone Sunglasses

The minute Chrisette Michele’s new (gorgeous) promotional pictures hit the web for her new song Charades, we were deluged with requests for her shades!!

Lola wrote, “I love these sunglasses and I am looking to invest in a pair. It would be great if you could assist me in finding these.Nashea typed, “I’m in love with these frames and I’m not having any luck finding them or anything like them anywhere on my go to sites. Please help!”
Lamirica chimed in from London, saying, “I’m in love with these shades that Chrisette is rocking. Who are they by? Where can I get them or a look for less?”

Well, the team went to searching, and even our collective efforts came up short! So I contacted Chrisette herself, who was happy to offer some insight! She wrote, “I purchased my “Ted Lapidus Paris” vintage shades at a vintage shade shop in Amsterdam during a trip thru Europe looking for Audrey Hepburn fashion inspiration.”

If they sound like a one-of-a-kind find, they are! Even scouring Google, I could only find the following Ted Lapidus Paris shades. Close, but not quite the same:

I couldn’t even find Chrisette’s color on the web. Besides, they’re all sold out!
If you want a similar style, check out vintage Ted Lapidus frames on Ebay.
If you don’t mind a slight color difference, I was convinced Chrisette was wearing a version of these $345 Dior Metal Accented Rectangular Plastic Sunglasses before she chimed in:

Get the pair above from Saks.
Also, Chrisette had a special note, just for you guys!

She wrote, “I’d LOVE to give you another 2 photos that hopefully inspires you and your readers to be free and honest, and “fashionaly vulnerable” daily.”

My Tumblr post from today cites where those gray pieces are from. The nerd glasses however are simply Retro Super Futures of course. ;) I adore your site.
Check out Chrisette’s Tumblr at to read more about her adventures in Amsterdam. Get her Retro Super Future Ciccio Glasses

… at
*If you haven’t heard her new song Charades featuring 2 Chainz, listen to it here:


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